Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Letters-B


My contribution for

this week’s challenge

Beginning with Letter-B


Words beginning with B…

A Beach…

Manly Beach in Sydney, to be precise.


Our Bird of Paradise.

A railway Bridge over Geelong’s Moorabool Street.


Finally, while in Cairns a few years ago

we decided to have Breakfast with the Lions.

No!  I don’t this type of breakfast on a regular basis.

However, while we scoffed away a delicious breakfast

about ten metres away, 10 -15 lions were making

it known that they could smell the food

and were also hungry.


Weekly Photo Challenge-Collage



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I opted for a Nature Collage this week.

All images are nature…sometimes with

some post tweaking to enhance .





Weekly Photo Challenge-Bridge



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Seeing was I was in Botswana’s Okavango Delta last week,

I decided to stay here for this post also. 

 Before we crossed the bridge…

 over one of the Delta’s water courses…


we had to obey these signs.

And this is why.

However, it did not stop some from

clowning around for a photo.


It was also a bridge which required users

to keep a firm grip on their belongings.  

Small cameras were history if dropped.


These poles…

intrigued me until…

I realised it was the old bridge.

This looks much sturdier and

we all made it over and back again.

I have a feeling our guides drove us

over this bridge the next day.





Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Bridges


My contribution for this week’s

Fun Foto Challenge


Didn’t think I had any photos of bridges…thank goodness for tags.

bridge_1845aFirst up, the bridge in our Japanese Garden.

bridge_0382aA bridge?  Well it does span the gap between

dry land and a sort of floating pier.

SHELBRIDGEaA country bridge, now disused…but note how

it takes you directly to the local pub.
bridge_1881aTake a train from Melbourne to South Geelong, to the football,

and you will cross this bridge which spans Moorabool Street.
bridge_0584aOnly know that this bridge is in Kruger National Park.

Bridge_0151aSo is this one…Letaba Bridge…

Letba-Bridge_0255aand again, Letaba Bridge.

This side of the yellow lines is off-limits to tourists.

It keeps them closer to their vehicles,

which is handy should a pride of lions decide to use

the bridge, while travellers stretch their legs.

It has happened in the past.

Bridge_0327aFremantle is the location of this bridge…

bridge_0024aand my final bridge is located at Balyang Sanctuary in Geelong.

bridge_0023aI think this is my favourite photo of the set.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Bridges