A Dubai fire dancer

A Geelong bonfire.

Loved this task when on the farm.

Always lit on a cool day with rain likely to fall soon.

More than I can say about others.




The FIrst Shot, World War 1, 100 year, Commemoration, Point Nepean National Park, Portsea, 5th August 2014.


Commemorating firing of

First shot of World War I

from Point Nepean.

August 5, 2014



Word of the Day Challenge:  Fire




When living on the farm…

in late September this was a regular sight.

Perhaps not every year but certainly when

the pile had grown to warrant a clean up.



In the early 1960s, the local Boys Scouts

used to hold a fireworks and bonfire night

on our Football oval to celebrate Guy Fawkes night.

The Scout Master purchased 5 or 10 Pounds worth of fireworks.

He used a blow torch to light to sky rockers, crackers etc.

One year he inadvertently pointed the blow torch and

its six-inch flame at all the crackers left

on a 44 gallon/200 litre drum.

We had the most memorable display of fireworks that year.

Five to ten minutes of crackers popping

and rockets shooting off haphazardly about

a metre above the ground while several hundred people

watched on…barely 20 metres away.

Funnily enough we never had another

Guy Fawkes night in our small township.


Word of the Day Challenge: Bonfire