Some random Bollards…

This couple greet visitors to the

Geelong Botanical Gardens

Now Geelong is out of lockdown…

…I must visit the Geelong foreshore once again

to see if these last two can be found in 2021.









Some of the newer street art in

Malop Street, Geelong.


I’m not sure what, if anything,

this is supposed to be or represent.

However, it was the first piece of

abstract art I noticed in Geelong.

No post about Geelong’s Street Art

would be complete without a sample

of the any Bollards scattered around

the Waterfront and Botanic Gardens.


My-Corner-of-the-World:  1811







Sights of Geelong.

Geelong before dawn. 

Eastern Beach ferris wheel.

Eastern Beach strollers.

Dalgety’s Woolstore was one of

the many wool receiving facilities

in Geelong around fifty years ago. 

Now this store has been converted into

Deakin University’s Waterfront Campus.


These lifesaver bollards are but a few

of Geelong’s Waterfront precinct 

bollard collection.

We called these sharks teeth when we first saw them. 

However, I have recently been told

they represent sailing boats. 

I guess if you fell overboard you could become shark bait!

They adorn the Waterfront end of Moorabool Street,

Geelong’s main  street.   

Two blocks up the hill, on the horizon,

and you are in the heart of thee Central Business District. 

However, like many spreading urban centres

there shopping complexes springing up

about twenty minutes drive away. 

The better parking facilities attract many locals

and we do not venture into the CBD unless necessary. 



Off course this time of year Geelong would not be Geelong,

without its Floating Christmas Tree.