Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Cycles


Bicycles and Motorcycles

We first noticed the high usage of bicycles in Brugge.    

While in Amsterdam the bicycle flat

provides free parking for 2,500 bicycles.


The Cadel Evans January Road Race in Geelong’s suburbs.

The Peloton.

Motorcycles and shouldered television cameras

beaming the action to the world.

Riders look relaxed but are travelling

at a phenomenal speed.








Recreation varies from person to person.

I used to think of this as recreation when in my late teens, early twenties. 

Cycling can be a sport or recreational.

For me, it was always recreational.


Our safari guide had his own form

of recreational activity.

The twenty-minute power nap!

I managed to capture a couple of half decent photos…

of this sport/recreational activity at Torquay…

during a morning in which I was

pursuing my own recreational activity.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Recreation


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-17Wk-06_0502


Odd Ball

Week 06, 2017


Last Sunday the

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road, Cycling Classic

was held for the third year in and around Geelong.


I’m afraid this looked better than it does here.

However, the traffic control and support cars

made for some interesting images.


Fast forward into Geelong and set my tripod up

right on the edge of the gutter.

The wind these guys generated as they passed

nearly knocked me off my feet.


So I lowered my tripod for a different perspective

and…well I must have had B.O.

as every single rider took the opposite side of the road.

Still a great day for all concerned.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-06