This week goes from a bright to a somber mood.

One foggy morning, three years ago

I drove over to the

Otway Rainforest

It’s a beautiful drive as long as there is little traffic.


On a nice day being surrounded by the eucalypts of

the Otway Forest is just one of the best feelings.

Also three years ago I visited…

the Toronto Avenue Cemetery

in Belgium

which was…

…accessed is via this tree lined road.

Toronto Avenue is only a small cemetery and is the

only all Australian cemetery in Belgium,

and one of only two on the entire Western Front.

Buried in Toronto Avenue Cemetery

are 78 World War I soldiers,

two of which are unidentified.

The headstones in this and all cemeteries we visited,

which are shoulder to shoulder,

indicate that all those resting there

were killed on the same day.

There was something about

the Toronto Avenue Cemetery.

To say it had a profound effect on me,

would be a slight exaggeration,

however, there was a different

feeling about Toronto Avenue.

I don’t know why.

It may have been the tranquility, seclusion,

surroundings or something different altogether.


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Daily Prompt-Forest


I love driving through the forest

near the township of Beech Forest.

Beech Forest is located in or close to

the Otways National Park and just north of

Victoria’s Great Ocean Road.



Black and White Tuesday18-0305


Black and White Tuesday


Back in Australia for this week’s offering.

Corio Bay’s Yacht Club Marina.


From one of my favourite drive down through…

the Otway Ranges, near Beech Forest, to be precise.


And to finish with some more from Geelong’s…

Corio Bay.



Hope you enjoyed.