Earlier in the year I had planned…

to be posting, by now,

fresh and new photos from

our third visit to Africa.


However, by the end of March travel

in June was extremely unlikely

and plans were postponed.



Our plan was to visit the

Transfrontier National Park 

in Southern Botswana and South Africa…




…prior to returning to…


…Kruger and Great Kruger National Parks.


At the moment we are not betting

that we will make it in 2021…

…however, we do have

many good memories…


…to keep us going until 2022

if needs be.


A Photo a Week Challenge:   Vacation-Memories




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During my youth…

….I often wondered what

made a petrol pump tick.




Therefore, there was a nostalgic moment

when I discovered this pump stripped

and ready to be admired.

To be honest I am still none the wiser

on how they work, but I do now know

what inside a pump looks like.


A Photo a Week Challenge:   Nostalgic





I may be a bit off the mark this week.

However, these are two two photos each of which

has been shown here in its original state

and after I had played around editing it.

I had just installed a copy of Photoshop Elements

on my computer and was learning how to use it…still am.

On the outskirts of Geelong there is an old paper mill.

This is the interior of one building straight out of camera.

After it was brightened it look a bit over exposed..

…so today I tried to quieten the sunshine a bit.

For the few minutes spent working on this today

I think it is probably the pick as long

as the original is not around


I thought this image was spoiled by all

the ‘moderns‘ in the background.

That is; car, fence and sign

A few hours of tedious work and this was my posted result.


Black and White Tuesday15-1606


Black and White Tuesday

 June  16, 2015


Barwon Paper Mill

Just over twelve months ago I published a photo

which had a bag of rubbish sitting on a wall.

Apart from MGW commenting on it,

someone else also casually commented that

they would have Photoshopped the bag out….

leaving Woolly scratching his head and

wondering how it could be done.

Above is my original shot, and below…

paper-mill-BW_6423a-i…is the edited version…minus the rubbish.

Probably took several hours longer

than all ye who have used Photoshop, or similar,

would have done, however,

Although I can see one or two things I would like to tidy,

overall, I am quite pleased with my result.



Hope you enjoyed.