I have chosen three of the words

for this week’s challenge. Probably fair to say the sun had set before I took this shot,


I am sure it was setting somewhere else 🙂

Time 0700 and fog is severely limiting my horizon.

0840 and the view is not much better and

the temperature is -1 Celsius.  

Very cold for this blogger.


The Barwon River at Barwon Heads.

The bottom marking  is the 2.1 metre tide level of 1978.

The top marker is ‘extreme tide’.

I do not know if that level has ever been attained.


Thursday’s Special: Words



I took a drive to Barwon Heads today…


parked the car just left of this shot and made my way

down under the bridge crossing the Barwon River

as it empties into Bass Strait.


Upon my return  I notice this short walk, a short cut,

back to the shopping centre,

which I have cropped out of this shot.



Jo’s Monday Walk