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Black and White Tuesday

ANZAC Week 2018



Some ANZAC Day related posts this week.The Ayette, Indian and Chinese Cemetery.

I just could not get over how care goes

into maintaining these cemeteries.


 Headstones sitting shoulder to shoulder

indicate that all these lives were lost in one battle

and I think on the same day.

The age of most was 18-23 years.

No wonder my Grandfather was known as ‘old’

at the ripe old age of 28.

The Thiepval Memorial to

the French and British

missing on the Somme.

 My first look at how much these sites mean

to people of all ages from all parts

of the world.


 Children or Churches

remembering ancestors.

MY Grandfather survived World War I

however, he now has his own

small memorial in France.

Lest We Forget.



Hope you enjoyed.





Jo’s Monday Walk



Indian and Chinese Cemetery

Our first stop of our

Somme Battlefields tour was

at the Ayette,

Indian and Chinese Cemetery.

After our first shock at India and China being involved

we all came to the conclusion that India was logical

as it was part of the Commonwealth.

However, China was a mystery.

In all my lifetime I had never heard of

either country being involved in WW I.


And according to the first photo China was a neutral country.

However with allied armies requiring supplies…

 the British War Office approached authorities

in both countries asking for a labour force

to transport supplies to the front lines.


While a relatively ‘safe’ job, both countries lost men

to long range artillery, air raids and illness.

A total of 2,000 Chinese and 1,500 Indian labourers

died while serving on the Western Front.


This was the first cemetery we visited and it was

here that we noticed the serenity and

immaculately kept surrounds.

Also the fact that this cemetery was alongside a road,

which may sound silly.

However, many country cemeteries,

that I have visited in Victoria,

are in a secluded plot of land with is

only accessible via a narrow track or road.

I should also add that any headstone which appears a dirty brown colour is,

in all likelihood, due to the photo being over exposed and my attempts 

at darkening the image to reveal text…particularly on headstones.  

Also there are some photos where the colour does not quite match,

on this post photo 2.  

Also the result of extremes of sun and shadow which I have endeavoured

to correct in photo shop.  

My skills with Photoshop are lacking…quite a bit.



Jo’s Monday Walk