Jo’s Monday Walk


Balyang Sanctuary

 I have often posted random images taken at

Balyang Sanctuary in Geelong.

This week I thought of revisiting…


some of the images I have taken at Balyang.

It is home to many species of birds

such as this Mudlark.

There are also plenty of wild ducks…

to photograph.

Once I thought that I had

photographed some ducklings…

Then the wind pushed them in the opposite direction.

I felt a bit silly.


The most difficult to photograph are the

Lorikeets which call Balyang home.

Usually high up in the trees and moving

before one can focus the camera.

However at breeding time they slow down a bit…


and literally hang around their nests…


or sit outside for some peace and quiet…

and groom themselves.


Finally, there are also Australian White Ibises

which frequent the sanctuary in small numbers,

but make great subjects, in my opinion.



Jo’s Monday Walk



I haven’t taken bird photos for a while so

some may seem familiar.

A Pacific Gull


Cape Barren Goose

Cape Barren Goose.


A couple of years ago I visited Sydney and found

this Australian white Ibis enjoying the

comforts of the El Alamein Fountain

at King’s Cross, on a hot December day.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Birds