exclamation: hurray

used to express joy or approval.

Fans cheer for joy…

…when their football team

runs onto the ground.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Hurray







the most intense, exciting,
or important point of something; the culmination.

The climax for any sporting team is to be the

top side at the end of the home and away series…

…and again at the end of the finals. 

Winning the AFL

(Australian Rules Football League)

Grand Final,

is the culmination of the season,

for both players and their club.






Every year on

April 25,


Collingwood and Essendon play a game of

Australian Rules Football at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Prior to the game both teams and officials line up,

and a crowd of… 


100,000 fans rise to commemorate those fallen in conflicts

around the world during a minute of silence.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Silent