Jo’s Monday Walk


Polygon Wood Cemetery-2

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This week we visit the…

 Australian 5th Division Memorial

and Cemetery at Polygon Woods.

Part 1 showed the Memorial Plaque,

in close up on the obelisk….

which is upon the Butte and

overlooking the Cemetery.

Throughout this journey it was small things

like the cross, bottom left hand….

 and its message which made me realise

how much people half a world away

appreciate the sacrifices Down Under

made for  their country.


As with every Cemetery we visited

there was always a great proportion

of headstones for unknown soldiers.

As we were leaving…


 I thought the surrounding woods…

 were worthy of a few photos.

All cemeteries had a beautiful serenity

about them which I thought hammered home

the total and utter waste of life because

people cannot get along with each other.

 One final look at he obelisk and

we were on our way again.



Jo’s Monday Walk




Jo’s Monday Walk


Polygon Wood Cemetery

This week we visit the…

 Australian 5th Division Memorial and Cemetery

at Polygon Woods.

If you have good eyesight you may just make out

the obelisk which is

the 5th Division Memorial

overlooking the cemetery.

 What was more difficult to see was

this flight of steps up to the Butte

where the obelisk is located.

 The next few photos are of…

 the cemetery below.

The Australian Fifth Division Memorial.

The Australian Rising Sun.




The balance of these photos will be posted early next week.



Jo’s Monday Walk



Jo’s Monday Walk


Gibraltar Bunker

This week a quick visit to the…

Gibraltar Bunker and

the Australian  First Division Memorial.

As indicated this was a World War I bunker…

or at least the…

remains of it.

It is hard to imagine anyone wanting to go

down those stairs and into the

confined conditions of the bunker  proper.


Nearby is the Australian First Division Memorial.

As usual I was bringing up the rear and missed

some of the information Phil was telling us.

In this shot it does appear that he has been on

an unsuccessful fishing trip.


Surrounding many of the Memorials we visited

was farm land which supported various crops

and all at various stage of growth.

Although this photo is not anywhere near in focus,

it was the first time we saw shrapnel

from  two World Wars.

Though this appears to be gravel, there were

recognisable pieces of shells and other

metal objects easily found in these fields.

Phil handed me a lump of metal which was

probably part of a shell, with the words..

‘…here, this may have been fired

by your Grandfather…’

 I was always concerned how I was

going to get this metal back home.

My concerns, however, were short lived.

Eurostar Security, at Lille, solved that problem.

That  fact that I was traveling the morning of,

or after, the London Bridge attack,

may, or may not, have had

some bearing on the decision.

I usually do some Google research to  help with some information

with my posts.  My apologies this week, for not .

On Wednesday, after my GP used ‘aggressive’ and ‘cancer’ in one short

sentence, I had a chunk of my scalp removed.

Never knew one’s scalp moved so much every day…

especially when laughing.

Cannot wait to have the dressing removed.

When visiting the Specialist he also tapped the back of my head

and I have another appointment in mid December for an encore.



Jo’s Monday Walk