Yesterday I posted an itching arm.

This morning around 1000 guess…

what it looked like?

Four or five stitches later and it was dressed

for the day…until around 1600 I noticed the

dressing had turned red.


Apparently I should have had my arm in the air all day.

Also the heat had not helped coagulation so I was told.

Now with anaesthetic wearing off a dull throb has developed.

Time for bed me thinks! 🙂


Word of the Day Challenge:  Guess



For the past few years I  have been having ‘nasties’ removed

from my scalp, back and arms either with

a shave biopsy or a quick visit to a surgeon.

This one on my arm was biopsied about two or three weeks ago.

Last Wednesday there were little white growths in its centre

and it was decided to dig a bit deeper tomorrow, Monday.

By mid afternoon on Saturday it was

looking like this again…weeping.

It’s a determined little thing which I hope will be

totally removed within 24 hours.

If so the healing itch later in the week will have been worth it.

However, having been through that once already…..


Apologies for my personal medical history 🙂

However, itching wounds have been part of me lately.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Itching