an act of travelling from one place to another.

Many journey’s…

begin and end at an airport these days.

Especially if travelling to or from Australia.

Just a tad difficult finding an

overland trail, Down Under.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Journey








Friday, September 21…its our last day of third term.

School’s out for two weeks  

MGW has not been well this week and

will welcome the final bell of the day.

Monday morning and will (hopefully) be

winging our way to New Zealand

for a quiet road trip before our son’s wedding.

Some of the extended family are already

enjoying the sights and experiences

to be found in 


The Land of the Long White Cloud.





Not a great variety of bikes this week.

However, they come from many locations.

On display at a nearby market day a few years back.


Some of Melbourne’s ‘rent a bike’ collection.


Brugge bikes.


MGW was nearly run down by

a motor scooter similar to this one.

It ran a red light.

After this incident we were told

the lights were/are only a ‘suggestion’ 🙂


Tower of London ‘rent a bike’ collection.

The peloton nearing the end of the

Cadel Evans Classic last year.

Support vehicles and bikes.


Four laps of Geelong to go.

 Sorrento, Naples, motorbikes


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Bikes-Any






I use elephants as Large Subjects.

However, this week I thought I would use

some Auckland sightings. 


These two are at Auckland Airport…

after a mad weekend celebrating

Number 1 Son’s engagement. 

Mad as in the travel  etc.  We party quietly!  🙂

Even this comparatively small plane

would be larger than many cars.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Large-Subjects





Have opted for Golden Hour photos

at either end of the day.

Only a matter of weeks ago and probably

through our living room window.

 An African setting sun.

However we did not stop to take a sunset photo.

We were photographing the leopard lying on the limb

in the top right hand corner.

Below is a cropped and over brightened

version of that image.This was only taken to give some context to the sighting.

All other photos the leopard is quite visible.

I have often said that I would have gone home happy,

on this, the third day of our Safari.

Then things only got better.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Golden-hour




A favourite topic of mine…

Almost shooting from the hip I managed to capture

what I think is a reasonable photo of

this helicopter as it covers the Cadel Evans bike race

around the Geelong area earlier this year.

Touchdown after our flight over

the Okavango  Delta in 2014.


 Although this is Johannesburg Airport,

I am mentally and physically preparing

for my flight to Heathrow in about three weeks.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Flying


Weekly Photo Challenge-Adventure


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



It’s arguable whether an adventure commences when one leaves home…

airport_1438or when one reaches foreign soil.

However, Johannesburg’s O.R. Tambo airport is fast becoming a favourite starting…


and ending point for our recent adventures to Africa.

Planning already under way for two years time…so I have been told.  I just love MGW. 🙂