The African Fish Eagle

Male wingspan is approximately 2m/6.6 ft;

while female wingspan 2.4m/7.9 ft.



Australia’s Wedge Tail Eagle

has been known to have a wingspan

of 2.84m/9ft 4in and a length of 1.06m/3ft 6in. 










First up…

…the Southern Yellow Hornbill,

sighted in Kruger National Park,

South Africa.



African Fish Eagles have a gorgeous call

especially in the evening.



A grey, red billed Hornbill.



Lesser Masked Weaver.



Lilac Breasted Roller


Lilac Breasted Roller




Red Headed Weaver

Red Headed Weaver.

All sightings in Botswana,

with exception of the first image.



Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Birds



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Two



Starting where I finished last week…with eagles.

Australian Wedge Tail Eagles, nesting.

African Fish Eagles.

The Fish Eagle has a beautiful call,

especially nearing dusk when sound carries.

Males usually have wingspans around 2 m (6.6 ft),

while the female’s wingspan at 2.4 m (7.9 ft) is nearly

the same as the Wedge Tail Eagle.

Click here for YouTube Fish Eagle call

I have have posted this photo so often that I am

beginning to think it’s nearly time that the Illy coffee chain

offer to sponsor my blog and give these girls a pay rise.

Happy memories from Amsterdam.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Solitude



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Sitting on top of Lekhubu Island in Botswana’s,

Makgadikgadi Salt Pan was an ideal place

to find solitude among baobab trees thousands of years old.


Makgadikgadi Salt Pan one of the largest salt flats in the world,

is all that remains of the formerly enormous Lake Makgadikgadi,

which once covered an area larger than Switzerland.

However, the lake dried up several thousand years ago.


Although we were twelve in number,

it was not difficult to find a

secluded spot, on this small island, to enjoy the scenery

and experience a sundown and sunrise in solitude.


This eagle soared gracefully overhead

and was in solitude with it surroundings.


Even with my lens stretched to its full 300 mm these

African fish eagles still appeared to be enjoying a solitary moment.


Zoom out and they appear still more solitary.


Finally, two shots from MGW’s camera,

where our subjects were seeking solitude.

In this shot we had set up camp on the track to the river,

two or three hundred yards further on.

MGW snapped this shot as he turned to go the long way round.

Prior to that he was standing there swaying

from foot to foot and gently shaking his head.

I’m sure he was thinking something like

damned tourists…again


This diva did sit and strike a few poses for us

before deciding to seek solitude in the Botswana bush.




Black and White Tuesday-2810



Black and White

Tuesday, October 28, 2014



elephant_0865aOver recent weeks we have been told about, read about and seen many elephants

including this family which surrounded this calf to protect it from predators.

elephant_0870aWe even saw the matriarch of the herd give this youngster a gentle’ hurry up’.

elephant_0922aHowever, there were some herd members who…

elephant_0960aexpressed their displeasure at our presence, near their territory.



Hope you enjoyed.


Black and White Tuesday-2110



Black and White

Tuesday, October 21, 2014



African Fish Eagle

fish-eagle_0577The African Fish Eagle has been pointed out to us in

both South Africa and Botswana.

However, it was only this year, in Botswana,

that I actually was able to hear and recognise them, by their call.

It is such a beautiful and crisp call, which carries

well in the early evening air.



Hope you enjoyed.