below 0°C.


It had to be near, or below, zero to freezing

to form a horizontal icicle. 



While we were only inside for a few minutes,

the forty below room did not feel that cold.

While the signed maintained it was 40 below,

the temperature reading was only

a little over 20 degrees below.









an unpleasant feeling of coldness in the atmosphere,
one’s surroundings, or the body.


For the few minutes it took to have this photo taken,

we were all smiles in the 40 below zero room.

However, I think  a few minutes was enough for us.

Especially since we experience 40 above zero

more often than near Zero temperatures.




Just had to have a photo taken at Forty Degrees below Zero.

The cold penetrated denim very easily and

I am constantly reminded that the

temperature gauge is not showing 40 below! 🙂

Considering anything below ten degrees Celsius

is shiver time during winter

a few minutes in there was enough.


Word of the Day Challenge: Freeze