Tennis fans will probably have seen

Rod Laver Arena

from ground level, or on TV, as have I.

From high up in our Hot Air balloon we had

our first aerial  view, last year.

And not far away is the

Melbourne Cricket Ground, site of the 1956 Olympics

and the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Left Foreground..light towers.


Word a Week Photography Challenge ~ Angle

Word of the Week Photo Challenge, this week, has resulted in some random photos which I think hit the mark….or at least close to it!

My first contribution is of a partial interior of Melbourne’s Southern Cross Railway Station. For anyone who visited Melbourne prior to 2006 you may have visited, or used, Spencer Street Station. The government of the day changed the name just prior to the 2006 Commonwealth Games.


The interior design of the roof provides many angles of which I have only captured a few in this shot.

My initial reaction to the new design was one of horror. However, I must confess to being happy with the outcome. It’s much easier to find your way to the next train and the addition of all manner of shops makes it a great place for visitors to begin their ‘spending spree’ in Melbourne. Anything from a quick snack to new outfit of clothes, top to bottom, can be purchased within the confines of the new Southern Cross Station.

SeaGulls3I enjoy the personality of seagulls and this pair were no different. Plenty of angles if you look carefully.

For the record, this shot was taken at the Warrnambool’s Breakwater on Victoria’s southern coastline.


The setting sun provided just the right amount of light to make the water sparkle as we neared the end of our sunset cruise at Cairns.


Lucky last….one disused bridge.