Weekly Photo Challenge-Rather



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

I’d Rather be…


At this time of day (0600), at this time of my life

I’d Rather be looking forward to…

another hour of sleep.

And all through my formative years

I dreamed of being an archaeologist.

So I guess from a work perspective

that’s what I’d Rather be….

than be being a woolclasser and teacher/trainer. 

Still, I have enjoyed my working life

and dreams are often better than reality. 

Nearly forgot to add…this shot is

from a ‘dig’ in Old Sydney…back in

the early days of Australia, as we know it.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Story



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



One hot day in Sydney…

one youngster found a cool way to keep cool.

Big sister is not so sure.

“I think you are getting wet”


It’s official.

The water is wet.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Out-Of-This-World



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



The primary reason for

visiting Dubai was…to have High Tea in the Burj Al Arab’s

Sky Bar

I had seen photos of the Jumeriah hotel

as we sourced accommodation whilst in Dubai.

However the Burj Khalifa and its views…

had escaped my attention.

 We certainly did not expect these views…

during our…

Dubai Creek Cruise.

 We could have seen these four lights…

in many cities throughout the world.

However, they are to be found in Dubai.

A city  grown out of the desert and which has

provided air-conditioned walkways between

railway stations…


and shopping malls.

We had about a ten minute rail journey

between shopping and hotel.

 The only October heat we felt was during the

two minute walk between

Railway station and hotel.

 Natural sunlight was incorporated

into some buildings.

And all these modern conveniences only about

a half hour drive from this,

the sandiest desert I have ever seen.

Covering 900,000 square miles

the Arabian Desert is the fourth largest desert

in the world and the second largest HOT desert,

behind the Sarah Desert.

 On our final day in Dubai, we waited until the

clock rose to the hour and watched in awe as the

Dubai Mall Fountain danced in time to

‘Time to say Goodbye’…

a rather apt choice of music as we were saying

goodbye to welcoming Dubai.

At least for this visit. 

We certainly felt like we were in another

world during our Dubai visit.




Weekly Photo Challenge-A-Face-In-The-Crowd



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

A Face In The Crowd


The first two photos I posted recently…

in another challenge.

They may be easily found.


 This morning I found a new face in the crowd.

Can you find that face?




Weekly Photo Challenge-Sweet



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I have been waiting for three years

to use this photo…

If they are anything like McDonald’s

macaroons they will be so sickly sweet.

Now over the past week there have been two birthdays

and Valentines Day in our household,

so not that hard to find something sweet.

Two of my favourites


And while having a Valentine’s Day splurge…

 I thought of our favourite chocolates and added

them to my cart for MGW you  understand!

Next door to the Roses was Maltesers….

at half price!!!!!!!

Think of the money I saved Dear!!!!!!

Somehow that sentence only works one way…

and not when it is me doing the talking.

So we also have half price Maltesers in our fridge

this week…but not for long I suspect. 🙂




Weekly Photo Challenge-Tour-Guide



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Tour Guide


I commenced taking photos in and around

Geelong when I commenced blogging.

I enjoy having a quiet moment at the Eastern Beach…

particularly in the winter.

This shot is near where our camera club meets.

 Geelong’s now completed library.


A Government building known locally as the

Upside Down building.

Sounds like a government doesn’t it?


Fairly certain that, or at least part of

this building is a suburban library.


Alongside the new there are also

old buildings such as the post office.

Our Floating Christmas Tree causes controversy

each year (cost of running it) and

draws thousands of visitors to view it.

Geelong’s main street runs right down

to the waterfront and this art work.

We didn’t  know what they were

and dubbed them shark’s teeth.

Only last year I used this term only

to be told they represent yachts on the bay.

A drive up Moorabool Street (main street)

will provide this view of Kardinia Park’s

light towers at Geelong’s Football ground.

Eastern Beach

Entrance to Cunningham Pier.

Geelong’s Carousel in fog

Geelong Ferris Wheel.


Corio Bay also provides some… 

glorious sunrises, and…


If you don’t want to do anything else

there are always ‘starving’ seagulls around.


This side of the Bay is  my favourite.

With Cunningham Pier Restaurant

as a backdrop to the constantly moving boats,

the scene is always changing

as winds and tide see fit.

and when the sun drops below the horizon…

everything changes.

Make sure Geelong is on your list

of places to visit if ever Victoria.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Beloved



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Some random photos.

Second thought in my mind was Brandy.

Always faithful.

And I just love being a forest like this.


My first thought was of MGW.

However, as we have an agreement

not to post family photos…

well not too may…

you will just have to guess which one she is….

And I love this photo as well.

Landscapes cannot ban one from

taking photos of it.

At least not yet.

And then there is the editing.

When time permits it is fun

seeing what editors can do.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Variations-on-a-Theme



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



These images were taken at

South Africa’s

Elephant Whispers

in 2013. *****


Front foot.

I did have to explain to a colleague what this was.

Hard work deserves a cold drink.


When I was much younger, if you were caught

passing on gossip, you were branded a ‘long tongue’.

This adds a whole new meaning to the phrase.

Imagine the tooth ache!


And I thought  my toenails were large.


Kissable lips?




***** *****



The best part of this visit was that none of

the above views prepared us…

for this awesome experience.

All images are of Tembo a 30 year old,

6 ton elephant which killed 6 hippopotamuses

after his mother was killed.

Our Guide raised Tembo for several years.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Silence



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Last April we took a hot air balloon ride

over Melbourne.The only downside was the 0330 wake up call

to find out if winds were slight enough

to allow the ride to go ahead.

I have never seen Melbourne streets as silent

as this one was at that hour.


 Even though there around twenty passengers,

conversations were conducted in

subdued tones so as not to break the silence

of the early hour.

At lift off, there was only the roar of the gas flame

to break the silence of the crisp April morning.

Even this Qantas 747 could not break the silence…

 as we flew over Melbourne at dawn…

with just the occasional burst of

flaming gas breaking the silence.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Weathered



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Apart from my scalp… I couldn’t think…

of anything more weathered….

than these houses.

Then I found….

some weathered pieces of wood.