Scenery from our travels.


Million Dollar View


Banff Fairmont Springs Hotel.


Mount Ruapehu

Tongariro National Park

New Zealand.


Drakensburg Mountains,

South Africa

I think this is Sulphur Mountain


Banff’s Main Street



A view from

Rocky Mountaineer

Train Ride

to Vancouver.


Finally, a genuine

Victorian sunrise


Corio Bay,



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Scenic





comparatively small or immature of its kind


Babies come in all shapes and sizes.


A baby elephant tips the scales at

around 200 pounds or 90 kilograms

and is around 3 feet tall/0.91 metres.

A newborn giraffe weighs

around 220 pounds or 99 kilograms and

stands about 6 feet tall/1.82 metres.

the average weight of a human baby is

around 7.5 pounds/3.5 kilograms and is

about 50 centimetres/18 inches long


It took nearly twenty years for

these babies to reach an

elephant’s birth weight


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Baby





This is a usual pose…

…for Taji.

What was unusual about the sight was

that Taji was not in her kennel.

For some reason it is now a usual occurrence

to find Taji in Maggie’s kennel, the middle one,

while she takes her morning nap.





Nothing worse than this sign

on an open road….at night.


The times when the sign is erected

a week before work commences,

or is left up for a similar time

after work ceases.

Do you obey the speed limit?

Or, carry on driving at the open road speed

of 100 kph and risk being booked?

They are happy chappies considering…

..their next stop may be a vat of boiling oil.


The Bull and Mouth Hotel.

All country pubs used to serve counter meals.


Not so anymore, especially in small towns.


A common sight the world over.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Store-Front-Signs








bad tempered; irritable


I have posted these images previously…

It is Candi’s attitude…



…in all images, which pushed Taji

past playfulness last October.


Taji became cranky and told Candi where to go.

Strangely Candi, at half Taji’s strength and weight

decided to stand up to Taji,

as all kelpies have done with

all Labradors we have owned.

Although they both drew some blood,

Candi came off second best.

Taji sat on her, literally, at one stage

and Candi limped for several weeks after.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Cranky





Whether it’s…

…celebrating a 21st birthday, or…

…a 75th birthday,

’tis always a good excuse for a party

especially with a new wig to wear.

About ten years ago Father-in-Law had

been diagnosed  with several types of cancer

during the year with the imagined effect

on his already thinning hair.

Our boys decided a wig was just what

the doctor ordered.

He is still going strong.





Channel markers

in Corio Bay



With all the world’s problems…



…Corio Bay is a very peaceful place

to take a quiet moment

to reflect especially at or…

…just before sunrise.


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