Melbourne skyline from…

…Williamstown Marina

…a hot air balloon

…the Geelong-Melbourne Ferry Service



Moorabool Valley…

…on a foggy morning.

…when the fog has lifted


One Word Sunday Challenge:…Skyline-City-Country







a feeling of expectation and desire
for a particular thing to happen


A glimmer of wistful hope as young Taji

almost pleads for some food to fall her way.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Hope





A Carnation…or something else?

Flowers in Melbourne



As we commenced our

English Channel crossing,

I couldn’t see any bluebirds,

however those cliffs were far whiter

than I had ever imagine.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…White





My favourite New Zealand bridge image.


Sailing under Melbourne’s

West Gate Bridge

on a trial

Geelong-Melbourne Ferry


Auckland Harbour Bridge

at sunset.

Misery Creek Bridge.

The Bridge of Sighs was the only bridge

that I wanted to get close to when in Italy.

This was the best I could do.





the art or practice of designing and
constructing buildings.

The National Gallery Victoria.

The architecture of this building is such…

…that Melbournians either love or hate.








a person or thing that combines
contradictory features or qualities.

Not certain that this is a paradox. 

However, I cannot think of anything more

contradictory to find on

Melbourne’s 21st Century roads…

…than a horse and carriage stopped

at traffic lights alongside a

21st Century Honda automobile.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:…Paradox






Say Hello to Quinn.


Quinn was a gift from No. 2 Son

and No. 1 Daughter-in-Law.


After Ginger’s sudden death they

decided to replace her with a new kelpie.

However, Candi either had not been born

or was too young to leave her mother

before my birthday.

Quinn came with a note advising me

that Candi would be ready in a few weeks.

That was five years ago next February.


A sturdy fence.



Green and Foliage