this head on…

this pose…

and you have an idea of Taji’s woebegone expression

when I dove off early recently and she

had not had her breakfast.

I didn’t see it but MGW told me all about it.


Word of the Day Challenge: Woebegone


One Word Photo Challenge-Pool


Tried for some variety…

A small prize pool.

The temporary swimming pool we had

after three inches of rain

in the summer of 2005.

The pool is our garage.

And if you visit Cairns you should swim in this pool…

which, if viewed carefully appears to have no sea wall.

On our only visit to Cairns I wandered

down to the beach wondering why

no-one else was there. 

I walked out to ankle depth and upon returning

to the sand spotted a

don’t swim because crocodiles frequent this beach


Needless to say I heeded the sign thereafter.


One Word Photo Challenge: Pool





Black and White Challenge.


A London and an…

Australian fire truck.


Fire hydrant.

This is not a good photo for BW,

however, it is a stubble burn,

or the aftermath of a stubble burn.


Cees-Black-White-Photo-Challenge: Fire Prevention





My first post for a while.Heat generated…

by a bonfire.


Heat generated by a church fire…


would be difficult to imagine.

Last week I was, at Wiseman,

63 miles inside the Arctic Circle,

and I can assure you this Aussie

was not expecting to be in shirt sleeves…

even though it was/is summer up there.




Tennis fans will probably have seen

Rod Laver Arena

from ground level, or on TV, as have I.

From high up in our Hot Air balloon we had

our first aerial  view, last year.

And not far away is the

Melbourne Cricket Ground, site of the 1956 Olympics

and the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Left Foreground..light towers.


Floral Friday18-June01


Floral Friday Challenge.


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And that’s a timely end to the Country Dahlias posts.

For the next few weeks we will be on the move

and posts may be irregular and/or without links

to host pages, due to post scheduling.


Hope you enjoy.

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Floral Friday

Floral Friday