I discovered these photos…

of our

Silver Cloud Agapanthus

while preparing my Clouds post.


Too good an opportunity

to pass up for FOTD.






Two memorable days of clouds.

This looks bad enough…

However, it takes on a new look when

a heat map or, perhaps, colour reversal filters are applied.

A couple of years ago these storm clouds

put parts of Geelong under three feet of water

if memory is correct.


Wits End Weekly Prompt:  Under-Cloudy-Skies

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Blue-Yellow



Blues and yellows from all over.

This was new to me.

I was unaware we had coast guard boats, as such,

let alone yellow ones.


Air Arctic at Coldfoot airport.

A local tourist train.

Fairbanks airport I think.

My favourite form this set.

Loved the song or The Beatles.

Not so  sure now though.