coloured or shining like gold.

The only thing we prebooked before our 2016 visit

to Dubai was High Tea at the Burj Al Arab. 

So, up the escalator…


…past the gold columns to the elevator doors,

we journeyed.…


…eventually reaching the sky View Bar

and more golden decor…


Still more gold was to be found 

at the bottom of our first (complimentary) drink.










elegant or stylishly luxurious

While other guests may not have agreed with our attire…

…after five weeks of rinsing clothes when we could,

it certainly felt good going out in…


…some threads, purchased in Dubai,

which we felt would comply with the

smart elegant dress code required by

the Burj Al Arab’s

Skyview Bar.







Morning tea courtesy of a woodturners group

we visited at the end of 2019.


A Mother’s Day breakfast courtesy of the boys.



Healthier Fare


One course of High Tea at

the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.



One dinner course on The Q Train


A Photo a Week Challenge:….Food








I think the Burj Al Arab is

a fantastic design both

in and outside.

In comparison, the Burj Khalifa is just plain huge.

The geometrical pattern on the exterior of Melbourne’s

National Gallery of Australian Art…

…exacerbating Melbournian’s love/hate relationship

with the building.


Prior to the 2006 Commonwealth Games

being held in Melbourne,

Spencer St Railway Station was renovated

and modernised.

Its most notable feature is the waves and arches

which now support a similarly shaped roof.

It was also renamed Southern Cross Station.


Around the corner, Flinders Street Station remains

as it was at the beginning of the twentieth century.

To change the exterior facade of

Flinders St would cause a public outcry…

…similar to the outcry when the Flinders Street

clock faces were digitised.

Public backlash forced local authorities

to change the clocks back to analogue faces

with digital workings.

Now Melbournians and visitors alike

are still able to meet under the

Flinders Street clocks as they

have done for many, many decades.


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:…Interesting-Architecture

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Leya:...Interesting-Architecture

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy:…Interesting-Architecture

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina:...Interesting-Architecture







the furnishing and decoration of a room.

This box seat, finished earlier this year,

is our only piece of exterior decor.


In BW or…

…colour, the interior of Dubai’s

Burj Al Arab

looks spectacular.


The outdoor decor of a Country Hotel.


Our first night in Europe was spent

in this room at Brugge’s NH Hotel.