Standing at the edge of the Dubai Mall Fountain…

the surrounding buildings look rather tall.


However, one’s perspective tends to change

when the Fountain is viewed…


from the edge of the viewing platform

on the 148th floor of the

Burj Khalifa Tower next door.


A Photo a Week Challenge: At-The-Edge



When we visited Dubai last year

the draw card was….

was to have high tea in Dubai’s

182 metre (597 feet) high Burj Al Arab.

However, upon our arrival

we discovered the Burj Khalifa…

which at 830 metres high, (2,723 feet)

soared over the Burj Al Arab.

In fact Burj Khalifa is just over

four and a half times higher than the Burj Al Arab.

However, height comparisons aside,

High Tea in the Burj Al Arab

was definitely the highlight.


Thursday’s Special: Pick-Word-July

Travel Theme-Tidy




Travel Theme.


Our stop over on Dubai last year was

an experience we will not forget.

Whether it was the streets on Saturday night…

the shopping malls, or the…

7 star Burj Al Arab Hotel, or its…

Sky View Bar,

all was a picture of tidiness.


Where’s My Backpack: Tidy



Travel Theme-Abroad




Travel Theme.


Travelling to Europe last year gave us the

opportunity to see and or visit many places

we had read about or seen only as movie sets. 

Both of us had, not long before departure,

finished reading a book titled,

“I, Mona Lisa’ which was set in Florence.

The Medici family were the main characters,

The story was a fictional depiction of how,

and why, the Mona Lisa may have come to be painted.


The Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysees 

are two well known landmarks of Paris.

 This is one of the fountains inside

Dubai’s Burj Al Arab.


We had planned on partaking of High Tea at

the Burj Al Arab in 2013.

Unfortunately our plans had to change.

  It was, however, a 7 star experience worth waiting for.


Where’s My Backpack: Abroad



Floral Friday17-2104-Dubai


Floral Friday Challenge.


Some images from Dubai.

The only genuine flower shot I have from those few days.

A Bougainvillea, I think.

Not sure what type of palm these are…

but I am sure they look better at night,

from a Dubai Creek Cruise,

than during daylight hours.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday