give out steady light without flame.

The Arabian Desert sun was blocked by sand/dust

and reduced to a glowing ball in the sky,

long before it found the horizon.


Decorated trees glowed in the night along

the banks of the Dubai Creek…


…this glow…


…along with lights from nearby highrise buildings

was reflected in the water of the Dubai Creek.






a tall, narrow building, either freestanding
or forming part of a building
such as a church or castle

The Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai stands

 828 meters or 2,716.5 feet tall.


Whereas the Shard, a relatively new tower in London,

is only 309.6 metres or 1,016 feet tall.







coloured or shining like gold.

The only thing we prebooked before our 2016 visit

to Dubai was High Tea at the Burj Al Arab. 

So, up the escalator…


…past the gold columns to the elevator doors,

we journeyed.…


…eventually reaching the sky View Bar

and more golden decor…


Still more gold was to be found 

at the bottom of our first (complimentary) drink.











the quality of being made up of
exactly similar parts facing each other
or around an axis.



Symmetry in and near…

…Notre Dame de Paris


Rose window

York Minster



Shopping Mall


United Arab Emirates


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Symmetry









Black and White Challenge.


My tags say this is from the


Burj Khalifa


Close up of the first image.


Railway line

Geelong’s Eastern Beach…

…Ferris Wheel.










of great or more than average height,
especially (with reference to an object)
relative to width


At 2,716 feet high, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa,

in my opinion, rates as tall.



Using my 18-253 mm focal length Sigma lens

at 250 mm focal length



At 52 mm focal length about

the same as the human eye.



The scene at

18 mm focal length.

The last three images were taken from

the observation deck on the 148 floor

of the Burj Khalifa.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Tall








elegant or stylishly luxurious

While other guests may not have agreed with our attire…

…after five weeks of rinsing clothes when we could,

it certainly felt good going out in…


…some threads, purchased in Dubai,

which we felt would comply with the

smart elegant dress code required by

the Burj Al Arab’s

Skyview Bar.






Hand painted Vase.



Dubai’s eleVated railway.



A section of Moorabool Valley,

near Geelong


DoVer’s White Cliffs


Ring Necked DoVe


Botswana’s Big AardVark