Two different images this week.

First, Port Fairy beach on

Victoria’s, South West Coast.

Second, some of

Melbourne Zoo’s, Fairy Penguins,

which are now known by the

politically correct name

of ‘Little Penguins’


Word of the Day Challenge:  Fairy

Travel Theme: Hidden


My contribution for this week’s challenge.


Again this week, the Great Ocean Road has provided inspiration.  Almost hidden from tourist is the entrance to the Blow Hole.  Waves pounding against this cliff face drive water into the cave/tunnel only to see it erupting above ground several hundred metres inland.  A spectacular sight during rough seas.



Loch Ard Gorge, named after the ship which foundered a few hundred metres out to sea on a stormy night, is almost hidden from the ocean due to its narrow opening.  Over to the far right, and also around the corner to the left are hidden caves well worth exploring.  Age is catching up with me I think.  Temperatures of over 40 degrees in the car park were much hotter once on the sand and away from any puffs of breeze.  That day I hid in the shade!  I was only out of the sun and not the heat.


Where’s my backpack?:Travel Theme: Hidden


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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Carefree


This week’s contribution to Weekly Photo Challenge was taken while showing Canadian friends around my “neck of the woods” in January this year.



This is Port Fairy’s main beach. Port Fairy is a major tourist on Victoria’s South-West coast and also one of the earliest settled communities in Victoria. Until a few years ago I lived within twenty minutes drive from this beach.

Port Fairy is a major tourist destination during the Christmas/New Year break. While the beach is relatively deserted for a January day, these holiday makers were leading a carefree existence and enjoying their holiday break.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree (dailypost.wordpress.com)