showing smug or uncritical satisfaction

with oneself or one’s achievements.


If Taji has a bone and Candi doesn’t,

Candi waits for a while then jumps up barking

in the hope that Taji will follow…sans bone. 

Should the said bone be left behind

Candi quickly doubles back and

takes command of the bone.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:..Complacent




worth remembering or easily remembered,
especially because of being special or unusual.

Of all our sightings during our 2013 African Safari,

by far the most memorable was

sighting Limpy (the Lioness)

and her cubs.


At around six weeks old they were inquisitive.

While mum remained a comfortable 50 metres from us,

her cubs came to within 5 metres of our vehicle…

…where, to  our collective amazement,

they played for 20 minutes on

a pile of elephant dung.

As light faded and our vehicle started,

both cubs scurried away to the safety of mum.

Twenty minutes with two wild lion cubs

was well worth the 300 plus shots

I  click off that last evening in

South Africa, 2013.

We were told that Limpy was so named

because she had a deformed foot.

However, when hunting she showed

no sign of her disability.

Sadly, vets had to euthanize her in September 2014,

less than 12 months after meeting her offspring.






a settled or regular tendency or practice,
especially one that is hard to give up

Both our dogs have developed a habit

of eating fruit which they pick from the tree.

Fallen fruit does not suit

their collective palettes.







a dog of no definable type or breed.

Although definitely not a mongrel

by today’s interpretation of the word,

I  am sure I bestowed that name upon her,

along with several others, when she wrapped

her short leash around my legs

and brought me down yesterday.

Excitement at her vet’s visit is the official reason

for her behaviour, however there are times

when she is just b@$%#@&& heedless.

And heedless dogs are mongrels!






fearless, undaunted


Not that I expect to be using impavid in

daily conversation in the near future,

however it sums up this scene perfectly. 

Two young exuberant pups.

November and January births.

Yet more like David and Goliath in size.

And although Candi’s length and height

are now closer to Taji,

she is only half the weight and it is no contest

in the strength department.







a follower or underling of a powerful person,
especially a servile or unimportant one.

Labradors know very early on

that Kelpies are their minions.


I have yet to see a Kelpie recognise this simple fact

until they get a good sharp belting from

the Labrador in question. 

Candi received hers while I was in hospital in October 2019.   

She dragged a hind leg for around six weeks

and was subservient for several months thereafter. 

However, she commenced showing signs

of forgetfulness a few months back

and began to snapping at Taji again. 

It is only a mater of time before Round 2. 

Really, it’s a toss up which memory is shorter.

Candi’s or a gold fish.







Ginger always moved in a sprightly manner,

so much so that we were certain she would outlive

Soxie the cat and Labrador Maggie.

Such was not to be the case.