give intense pleasure or joy to.

Candi will play ‘fetch’ and catch the rope…

until she tires out and then she heads

for her pool of water to refresh.


Whereas Taji, like all Labradors,

gets her intense pleasure 

from chewing a bone.


Word of the Day Challenge: Enrapture





hostile and aggressive.

I never think of Labradors as hostile or aggressive.

However, I have seen them aggressively defend

themselves from other dogs, and…


And dear old Maggie became quite hostile towards

a belligerent neighbour a few years back.

She sat, with her back to the wall, and bared all her teeth

while he ranted to me about her crossing into his backyard

to collect one of the many bones left lying around.

The following evening we thought she was over there again

only to see the offending yellow body being hauled off

in the opposite direction.

No apologies and said neighbour has continued

to annoy our dogs and consequently

they have and intense dislike of him.


Word of the Day Challenge: Belligerent





expressing sorrow; mournful.

All three of our Labradors have been

able to look doleful with ease.



Maggie was around 4 years old

in the first photo…then I found the second one.

It was taken around 10 years later and only a few months before she died.

Even at this stage she was losing strength in her hind quarters

although we hoped it was just a bit of arthritis.

I wonder did she know the end was near?


Word of the Day Challenge:  Doleful




Labradors are known as docile dogs…

however, we have seen Maggie arc up

at our unfriendly neighbour.

The first ever labrador I had anything to do with took on

6 sheep dogs after it tired of them annoying it.

The ‘discussion’ only lasted 30 seconds.

And our first lab, Jessie, or maybe Maggie,

eventually told one of my annoying sheep dogs

what to do with its annoying habits.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Docile



Homemade hand mades….mostly.

Was this wooden water pipe handmade….possibly.

A community group assembled these planter boxes

with the aid of a few power tools.


Rough and ready but it is the first thing

I remember making for a wee Brandy pup in 1988. 

In 2016 it was replaced with…

with a newer model for a newer pooch. 

The old pooch gave it her seal of approval.

Candi even has a verandah in front. 

Really I decided not to cut the timber

and it has been a real bonus for her. 


But Taji’s kennel was the first and biggest one I made.

Big enough  to cater for visitors.