Of all animals Labradors alone…

have perfected the art of looking forlorn

in all circumstances.






A random range of photos again this week.

 This is Geelong Foreshore keeping green.

We have needed to do the same already this summer.

Then today we had 6 mm of rain which

helped the  garden immensely.

Geelong sunrise reflections.

Surfing Torquay’s beaches.

I wish Taji had not learned this habit/play.

Our household waste water is treated and automatically

sprayed on a garden bed via a water treatment plant

and a system of around 50, $6 sprinklers.

when the hose was not watering plants the sewerage system was

and the little darlings managed to chew

nearly all 50 of the sprinklers.

And when I replaced the sprinklers the pups thought

I was replacing them for their enjoyment.

It took several rants, raves and generally behaving

like a madman to get the message through that NO!

these are not for your enjoyment.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Water



Weekly Photo Challenge-Cheeky



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Some photos of a face from MGW’s phone.

Whenever we suspect the dogs of a wrong doing…

 Candi, like the cheeky kid in the classroom, has a

‘…it wasn’t me…’ expression on her face. 

Naturally Taji is ‘guilty‘ all the time.


Our resident New Holland Honey Eater

is also a bit on the cheeky side.


Not afraid to berate family members, or…


 onlookers, alike!


Now everyone who reads my blog

will know that our dogs are ‘outside’ dogs.

Doesn’t this expression say

I’m inside.  Whacha going to do about it?




Black and White Tuesday17-2811


Black and White Tuesday


Playtime with Candi.

The more we swing the rope, top left hand corner,

the more intense is her gaze.


She doesn’t even watch the rope…

and no matter how much I try to disguise when…

and in which direction, I am going to throw it,

most of the time she is heading

in the right direction to catch it.

A quick run back to me or MGW,

a little game of tug of war,  and…

 she is set to do it all over again.

Fortunately, for us, the warmer

the weather the shorter the game is.

 My graphics cards is faulty at the moment, I think.

Something is making the monitor go blurry.

My apologies for any typos or spelling errors

over the past few days and

in the week, or so, to come.



Hope you enjoyed.






Wednesday evening, around 1730,

with the temperature still in the high twenties,

Candi our black and tan kelpie…was in one of her usual spots in the shade after

a day of above 30 degrees Celsius temperatures.

By 1750 she had disappeared.


No-one in the neighbourhood had seen her…

and while we were spreading the word

and looking for her, other dog walkers

commented that she was timid

and an unlikely candidate to run away.

I am not sure who was more upset,

Taji or MGW.

 While wondering what our next step was going to be,

the sky had turned to dusk,

MGW heard the phone beep and noted

there was a message.

Thinking it was a neighbour who had found Candi,

you can imagine her surprise, shock and relief

when she hard it was

The Geelong Animal Emergency Centre.

With very little light in the sky we set off

on a TWENTY-THREE kilometre drive

to the Animal Emergency Centre.

Candi was unharmed and very pleased

when we arrived home.

How did she get there?

She won’t tell me…yet.

All we have been told is that she was found

on the  Melbourne Road, Geelong West,

which does not make sense.

 However, I think we all slept a little better than

we would have otherwise last night.

But we are still wondering…..HOW?

And more to the point WHY? 

All’s well that ends well.





We don’t need the weather bureau

to tell us the weather is getting hotter…

Taji and Candi do it for us.


6 PM Monday evening and they prefer shade

to running around, playing or sitting

on the back verandah.

Apologies for photo quality.

These were taken through the kitchen window.

The temperature did only top out at

26 degrees Celsius today.

However that is hot enough for these two.

They are hopeless when summer really bites.


Weekly Weather: Hot

Weekly Weather



This was a tough challenge to find photos for.

Our twelve-year-old wrestles Maggie

to within an inch of her life.

Would be an appropriate caption be.

Is that all you’ve got?

Misty was a rescue cat.


Soxie in his younger, vicious, nasty cat days.

I’m not a cat person if you haven’t guessed.


Finally, Ginger in her favourite spot on my ute.

Like her father, Brandy, it didn’t matter

what was on the back they would

find a spot and sit and

wait for me.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Pets