this head on…

this pose…

and you have an idea of Taji’s woebegone expression

when I dove off early recently and she

had not had her breakfast.

I didn’t see it but MGW told me all about it.


Word of the Day Challenge: Woebegone




Taji does not always need a chain

to keep her in her kennel.

After a couple of hours checking out

her territory each morning she is often found,

particularly on cold days,

finding solace in the warmth of her home.


Word of the Day Challenge: Solace

Daily Prompt-Pedigree


Our Pedigree pooches

Old Maggie and young Taji meet for the first time.

Now we only have one of them.

Candi’s pedigree is quite a bit shorter the Taji’s,

but she does not mind…she is happy.



Daily Prompt-Mentor


When we purchased Taji we had hoped

that Maggie would show what is right and wrong

at an early age.After day one, Maggie began

teaching young Taji the ropes.


Taji’s favourite lessons

were her bone eating lessons…

these she watched intently and participated in

whenever the opportunity arose.

Occasionally Taji would ask Maggie…


how to play.

We think Maggie was obliging.

Maggie certainly showed Taji where the apples

are kept and how easy it is to get a feed.

Taji was a quick learner and soon knew

the best spot to sleep where she could

see her humans behind the glass.

Whether it was because they were/are

distantly related we are not sure,

however, we see Maggie’s habits

in Taji nearly every day.

Maggie certainly was an

excellent mentor.