This is a very typical scene in the backyard

Candi annoying/teasing Taji

in an effort to get Taji to react/play/chase. One day Taji will react and Candi

will tease no more. 

She  will be put in her place. 

Every Labrador we have owned

has gone through the same thing…..

for a while.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Tease




Taji is barely six months old here…

 however, the thought of Maggie’s bone

is more tantalizing than chewing

the one at her side.

For the record, three years on,

Taji and Candi still want each others bones.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Tantalizing



Anyone who has  owned a Labrador will know

they are not the swiftest on their feet.

I was lucky to have camera in hand for this 

chase across the backyard. 

Labs are not bad if the track is straight, however,

if the quarry adds a twist or two

their reflexes are not good enough to keep up.


Stray dog must have known that fun fact

about a Labrador’s agility also,

for it zig zagged for the fence.


About twenty feet from the fence

Maggie started to apply the brakes

while stray dog kept going and ducked under.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Reflex



Recently I posted that Taji only

runs/fetches a bone a few times. 

Her energy levels, except for eating,

are much lower than Candi’s.
This is the type of bone she will bring to me

when I am playing  with Candi. 

The first time she is reasonably happy to give it to me. 

Each consecutive throw I can tell she is

giving it to me, grudgingly, until she finally

walks away and sits with it in another part of the yard.


Word of the Day Challenge: Grudging



Taji waits under the trampoline

for Candi to burn off energy.

Four or five, short trots to fetch a bone

is enough ‘fetching’ for Taji.


Whereas Candi not only sprints to fetch her rope,

she watches it through the air…



and makes a leap to catch it.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Energy



My take on the abiding challenge is along

the lines of law-abiding, or obeying directives.

Over the past few months Taji has become

rather puppy like in her behaviour. 

Barking at every-one, jumping up and down on her chain.

Yes…I do realise she knows

she is being let off (the chain) and is happy.

While there is a chain keeping her attached to

her kennel in this photo, over recent weeks

I have been making her wait until I am

back at the house before releasing her from

 (sans chain) this pose.

However, while she abides, under duress,

it is like training a gold-fish. 

Every day (or minute) is new,

and we begin at the very beginning!!!!  


Word of the Day Challenge: Abiding