Black and White Tuesday17-0307_Pets


Black and White Tuesday

 March 07, 2017



Feel like morning exercises?

Would you exercise like a Labrador?

Or would you exercise like a…

kelpie and really stretch those muscles?



Hope you enjoyed.



Weekly Photo Challenge-Repurpose



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Mid to late 2015 we completed a project

out the front of our house.


Our Miss Saigons were something which we were happy to

have as they complemented the Japanese garden bed

just to right of shot.


Little did we know that our two young dogs

were using this area as a speedway.


We think they would charge around the garage, at full speed,

not really looking where they were going,

through the gap shaded in blue.

What ever the case, one day we found one of our Miss Saigons

on its side, head separated and adjacent pots

cracked beyond repair.

The Leucadendron or Protea (surrounded by tiles)

was only planted late last year.


Replacing the pots was easy.

However, Miss Saigon is no longer on sale.

So this is this morning’s view.


No Miss Saigon and the old pots being used as a

barricade against the rampaging charges

of a Kelpie and Labrador.


It did not take them long to find a new path.

Instead of straight ahead as they round the garage…


I’m sure they have fashioned a new tunnel between these two plants.




DISCOVER CHALLENGE17_0112_Greatest-Workmate-in-the-World

Greatest Workmate in the World


In December 1988 a neighbour asked if I wanted a pup.

brandy-pup_1-1The smallest pup in the little came running over,

launched itself onto my boot and remained there.

brandyy-dc_2-3He was named Brandy by MGW.


It wasn’t long before Brandy was working a small mob of sheep

and responding very well to training.


Brandy (left) and Molly

He grew to love the back of my utility and would wait faithfully for me.

He also turned into a ‘one man/person dog’.

One day the rams came into our backyard and MGW

let Brandy off to round them up and  put them

back through the gate, which is just left of shot.

She still tells the story  of how he sat on the back of the ute,

or under a tree watched her huff and puff for the half hour

it took to turn the rams out through this oh so close gate!

He would have had them rounded up

in 30 seconds had I been home…and MGW knew that.


Brandy and a young Zoe

I still call Brandy my $6,000,000 dog.

He would work in the paddocks mustering sheep.

He would work in the yards.

He would also work the woolshed.

I had never had a dog as good as that,

and it is not often dogs are as versatile preferring

one area over the others.

He only ever sired one litter of pups of which Ginger,

who was mentioned frequently on this blog

until her death in October 2015, was one.

Brandy was a couple of months short of his 13th birthday

when he died in 2001.

A true candidate for

Greatest Workmate in the World



DP_Discover Challenge: Greatest-in-the-World



We had  reasonably wet winter and spring,

However the tap has been turned off, during December…


and most of the natural  grass died off

a few weeks before Christmas.

Add a bit of heat to the mix and

we have two dogs who do not like the sun/heat.

I really don’t know if Candi would have made it

as a sheep dog,

but she is a wonderful pet.

Okay….Taji is also. 😀


Weekly Weather:Dry

Weekly Weather




Black and White Challenge:

Open…Candi & Taji.


We have managed to cope with these

two young additions to our household

for almost a year now.


So even though Taji is looking through

a screen door I thought I would feature her and

Candi as my open subjects this week.


Candi has decided that Maggie’s old bed

is now hers and can be regularly found here.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Open-TopicBlack_White~~~~



One Word Photo Challenge-Dog


An easy challenge this week…
 candi-taji_3821Our current pooches during a thunderstorm.

Taji almost slept through it while

Candi was upset by the noise.


Our dear departed Maggie after being caught

digging in the garden and wearing the evidence.

ginger_1777aFinally, my dear Ginger.

This shot was taken only a week or so

before she unexpectedly passed away, October 2015.

I had her father for 13 years

and Ginger was 14 when she died.

Father and daughter for a total of 27 years…

and it seemed like a blink of an eye.


 One Word Photo Challenge:Dog





Black and White Challenge:



Just to show I do see more animals…


than those of the backyard variety…

I have included some cattle.

The top one features young Murray Greys and an Angus heifer.

Above are young Herefords.


Moppett still as the title of our oldest cat.

Moppet died about ten years ago after

surviving being lost for six weeks in late 2005.

We think she hopped up under the tray of the utility I had at the time,

because she turned up, skin and bone,

out near the garden supply centre we frequent.

We planted a Mop Top tree (Robina psudoacacia inermis)

over Moppett.


A square of fake grass has worked wonders for a young dogs.

They now love to park themselves under our trampoline,

which is only good for shade, and watch the world go by.


Two very different reactions to a thunderstorm a week or so ago.

Candi was whimpering and looking for cover…and Taji

was doing what all Labradors do between meals.


Earlier in the week was Candi’s turn to

monitor the world from under the trampoline.

This was when I returned home after

tying her up two and a half hours earlier.

A small piece of gravel must have jammed her catch open.

Thankfully she was just sleeping and

not running wild….that I know of.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: AnimalsBlack_White~~~~~