Hobbiton blossom


Matta Matta

and the

Hobbiton Movie Set.

New Zealand




This is… a cropped version…



…of this Hobbiton blossom



Matta Matta

and the

Hobbiton Movie Set.

New Zealand



Not a good photo to begin with…

…however, Hobbits fans may recognise

the  chessboard and be able

to add two and two.

Unfortunately I am not a fan.

Even bought an eBay Hobbits movie

after returning to Australia

and just could not get into it at all.

Matta Matta

and the Hobbiton Movie Set.

New Zealand



I had some serious thoughts about what to include

and what not to include in my FOTD post.

We were told that all was real except for the pumpkins.

It wasn’t expressly stated…

whether these pumpkins were real 

or if it was movie pumpkins

which were not real.

There were two reason why I opted

to include the above photos today.

First it gives you an idea of how

the set looks today.  And second,

I believe those are cauliflowers,

or perhaps cabbages,

behind the wheel barrow.

Finally, a look at what  is to come.

Not many flowers but enough

to brighten the Hobbits’ front gardens.

And maybe to entice you to visit

Matta Matta

and the Hobbiton Movie Set.

New Zealand





We had probably the busiest year we will ever have in 2018.Late February we spent a weekend in Auckland

to celebrate the engagement of

our eldest son to his bride to be.


In June we were blessed with falling snow while

visiting the Columbia Icefield and Athabasca Glacier.

Most of us had not seen falling snow ever,

so a real delight.

A week or so later while cruising the Inside Passage

during  our stop at Juneau we flew

onto the Mendenhall Glacier to visit the huskies

and have a rife in a sled.

Another highlight.




We hardly seemed to be home

before preparations needed…

to be made for our road trip in New Zealand

prior to our son’s wedding.

A Māori Hāngī at the

Whakarewarewa Māori Village in Rotorua…


…and a visit to the Hobbit Movie Set at Matamata,


…were preludes to the big day.



The next morning back at

Auckland International Airport

for our flight home.





Hugh’s Views & News: Reflect




A great idea for the end of the year

and particularly one  in which I thought

I had not been out (with camera) very much…

January began with a nice sunrise which

reflected on our sprinkler.


February brought…

…one of my favourite photos for the year.

February also saw us in Auckland for a weekend to attend

an engagement party for our eldest and his  bride to be.   

March is… a nice month to get out and about…


for sunrises and…


Late in March I joined liked minded people

to exhibit some of our work.

In my case photos.



A few day later in early April we celebrated

our 31st Wedding Anniversary

with a First Class (our own private cabin)

dinner on the Q-Train.


Trips for sunrises and sets…

…were becoming fewer due to another trip into day-stay hospital. 

Also due in part to the fact that

we were thinking of our trip to Canada in June.

On the Columbia Icefield we experienced

falling snow for the first time.

A week later we were enjoying our Gold Leaf carriage

on the Rocky Mountaineer as it

carried us back to Vancouver.

Boarding the MS Noordam we cruised the inside passage

to Alaskan waters and enjoyed our first pre-booked excursion.   

A dog sled ride on the Mendenhall Glacier.

Glacier Bay was absolutely fantastic, and to see

Margerie Glacier calving, several times,

was well worth the visit.

Home in July for a rare colourful sunrise.

By late August canola crops were beginning to flower.

Early September and many deciduous trees were in bloom.

Late September and our road trip

in New Zealand had commenced.

Hobbiton movie set was another of our must sees prior to leaving.

Early in October we added

another daughter-in-law to our family.




Spring rains came and went leaving us fairly dry

at the beginning of December..

However, we were lucky enough to have a pleasant Christmas…

with temperature sitting in the mid-twenties.

Happy New Year to all.


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