Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-More-Than-5



More than five objects or people in a photo.

Sunrise on Corio Bay


Watching a sunrise.

Just had to have a chuckle.

Restaurant lights

Sadly these trees no longer are.

Not sure if they have been replaced by eucalyptus trees

Model and photographer at work on St Kilda Pier.


Tourists helping each other…or resting.

While other line up for entry to,

or photograph, the next attraction.

One of my favourites this time of year.

Erlicheer daffodils…an early sign of spring.







a sheet of information in the form of a table,
graph, or diagram.

When I hear the word ‘chart’ I think of this type of diagram.

Although I think they were called graphs

(this one a line graph)

back in my school days.

The beauty of a chart is that, in this format,

it can represent just about anything. 

It could represent, to name but a few:

The grams of wool twenty five sheep produced.   

The price of houses over a twenty five day/week/month/year period.

The price of shares over a period of time.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Chart




a person who is in charge of a sports game
and who makes certain that the rules are followed

Australian Rules Football has a total of 10 referees,

although we call them umpires

They are wearing green trousers, or shorts with a yellow shirt.

For the AFL (Australian Football League games) this year

there are 4 field umpires on the ground during play. 

A goal umpire at either end and 4 boundary umpires

whose task it is to stop play when the ball

goes over the white boundary line. 

As the speed of our game has increased

so too has the number of umpires.    

Our playing areas can be 150-200 yards

long by 120-170 yards wide. 

This ground, the Melbourne Cricket Ground

(MCG) is 187 yards long by 160 yard wide.

  When I was 17, I was boundary umpire

for my local team for half a season.

Our ground was said to be 3 laps to a mile

around the boundary line which means

it would be around 210 yards long

by around 155 yards wide.

In those days we only had one field umpire

and two boundary umpires…one either side.

As play see-saws back and forth boundary umpires

were/are expected to be where the ball is

when/if it goes out of play.

The team I have followed all my life

is Collingwood…black shorts and

black and white vertical stripes in this shot.

We have had Texan born Mason Cox

playing and starring with us for several years now.

This is a Collingwood vs Geelong game.

Finally apologies for my photos,

they were taken with a ten year old phone.



Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Dearth

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Two



Starting where I finished last week…with eagles.

Australian Wedge Tail Eagles, nesting.

African Fish Eagles.

The Fish Eagle has a beautiful call,

especially nearing dusk when sound carries.

Males usually have wingspans around 2 m (6.6 ft),

while the female’s wingspan at 2.4 m (7.9 ft) is nearly

the same as the Wedge Tail Eagle.

Click here for YouTube Fish Eagle call

I have have posted this photo so often that I am

beginning to think it’s nearly time that the Illy coffee chain

offer to sponsor my blog and give these girls a pay rise.

Happy memories from Amsterdam.






Starting with Melbourne urban sights.

I’m not sure if this service is still operating.

Next week’s fashion?



We had an enjoyable carriage ride in

Victoria, British Columbia, last year.

It’s probably about time to check out Melbourne

with a one horsepower drive.

An ice rink in the country is unheard of.

I was surprised to see this open air rink

in Melbourne a few years ago.

Heads deliberately removed because

most skaters were youngsters

I always associate buskers…


with urban life.

Couldn’t help take this one.

Big sister was horrified.

Little sister was cooling.

Mum was busy talking to a friend

and did not see any of this!


A Photo a Week Challenge: Urban


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-One


Lookout duty at Melbourne Zoo

Is that me or my twin?

One of the few Wedge Tail Eagle photos I have.

I see plenty, but photograph few.

So re-posts, it is.








Al though I don’t actually remember this bloke…

…I do have photos of Rome’s Inviolable Man.

Can also be found YouTube if you would

like to see him in action.



Melbourne’s Human Statue made me wonder

upon first sighting him.

I was so busy trying to take ‘modest’ shots of this

young, flexible lady that I did not notice two things

until she was on my computer monitor.

First, she looks heavier in the photo than in real  life.

Second,  while I was trying to be demur,

the bloke in the background

appeared to be enjoying the show.


SUNDAY STILLS PHOTO:  Unusual-Encounters



Two different images this week.

First, Port Fairy beach on

Victoria’s, South West Coast.

Second, some of

Melbourne Zoo’s, Fairy Penguins,

which are now known by the

politically correct name

of ‘Little Penguins’


Word of the Day Challenge:  Fairy





In early April

Melbourne looked

cold and gloomy.

Temperatures have not improved

as we head into winter.

This time last year we were preparing

for a Canadian/Alaskan June.

The weather was beautiful.

Even falling snow on the Columbia Icefields

did not dampen our spirits.


Although it was September 2013,

…this hyena greeted us as we left our camp for

a long day of travelling in heat forecast

to reach 39 degrees Celsius.

We are nearly ready to begin a twelve month

countdown to our next African Safari.

Considering our destinations range from 25-28 degree south,

I am already dreaming of warmer weather and sunshine.

Geelong’s latitude is 38 degrees south

so we should be quite a bit warmer.

Although no photos we also had

a family brunch on Saturday morning

to celebrate Mother’s Day.