One Word Photo Challenge-Glue



Towards the end…

of our first African Safari…

we all agreed… that it was sights like these…

which held Africa’s tourist trade…

in place.

In essence, these sights were the ‘glue’…

for without these sightings to see and photograph…

Africa’s tourist trade would fall dramatically.

Which is why poaching of any description,

or trade in the products of these animals, must cease.

In my opinion and that of others as well.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Glue


One Word Photo Challenge-Giraffe



After our first African Safari,

I was telling a then work colleague about…

this giraffe which always waited at, or near, the gate

to our camp looking over the fence.

My colleague used this beautiful face as a reason

for NOT going to visit Africa.

I was shocked!!


 One Word Photo Challenge: Giraffe



The only thing better than having a lioness

look down the barrel of one’s lens…
from a distance no greater than twenty feet…

was to spend…

twenty minutes or more

photographing her six week old cubs.  

There were two….but the other was a male!


Thursday’s Special: Female




Black and White Challenge:



I have to thank…

South Africa again…

 for my Kudu…

and Lion images.

This shot gave me goose bumps as the lioness was

only about 15 feet from me and she seemed to look

straight down my lens.

A night or two later and her cubs put on a show

for us on our last evening at

Sausage Tree Safari Camp.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Letters-K-or-L