At least I now know what the definition

of ‘fine art’ photography is.

My dilemma is that I have no idea whether either

of these images is considered ‘fine art’

or just under exposed images.


I prepared the colour version then realised

it should have been monochrome.

Obviously not shot in monochrome,

but the best I could do.





Three new photos.

I have posted similar images.

This was taken on Tuesday during a photo drive 🙂

On Wednesday our monthly Men’s Shed Lunch

was held a Buninyong, near Ballarat.

As usual my photography drive brought me in to town

on a back road where I sighted this statue. 

A tribute to the gold mining days.

Friday September 6, sunrise was a at 0657.

I thought it would be a few minutes earlier

yesterday, Friday, September 13.

How wrong was I?

Officially sunrise was 0627

Clouds on the horizon would not have helped

even if I had been on time.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Something-New




When Father in Law moved to a

retirement village two years ago…

…I offered to sell all these types of knick-knacks

on Facebook for the family.

This small vase was one of my favourites.

Inside the lid was a piece of sticky tape holding

a piece of paper on which was written 1978.

Unfortunately it either ended up in an op shop,

with many bone china cup and saucer sets,

or was thrown directly into the rubbish.





A few years ago I unwittingly

became part of a new tradition.

Number 2 Son asked me if I would like to go the movies.

However, we were not attending with the rabble,

rather we were going Gold Class.

Gold Class in Geelong is a small theatre

which only caters for 24 patrons.

We are usually in seats 15-16 or 21-22.

I had not been aware of the ‘tradition’

until the following year when I was again

asked out ‘…for our traditional movie outing…’

This year it is to be the new

Star Wars movie in December.

Yes,  I have already been asked! 🙂

The tradition continues.  🙂


A Photo a Week Challenge: Traditions





Whenever I think of, or hear,

the word ‘loss’….

…my mind immediately thinks of where

most of my departed family now rest. 

And in what is obviously a small

country cemetery there are also many

memories surrounding those who are not

family in the strictest sense of the word.





We are not grandparents

so cannot claim the title.

However I often talk about

my Grandfather in World War I.

He passed away in 1952

about a week after the only photo

of a grumpy 18 month old Woolly

was taken with his Grandfather.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Grandparents