Not just a wheel on either side.Many cogs/wheels combine to ensure

that the seed is sown properly.

Now converted to seating outside so passers by

can sit, drink, eat and chat.




A much larger wheel.

The London Eye.

A great view just on dusk.

Geelong’s own version of the London Eye.

A somewhat smaller Ferris Wheel

on the Eastern Beach precinct..


Witsend-Weekly-PC – Wheels





Two cathedrals.

Front of York Minster.


Interior of

Notre Dame de Paris






Before and After…April-1

Photo supplied by: Ryan Photography

Edited By: WoollyMuses

I had some minor difficulties downloading

so took a screenshot instead.


My editing simply consisted of colour enhancements.

Using Photoshop Elements 14 and its

Quick Selection tool

I selected the top half (sky) of the photo

and adjusted the lighting until

I had some colour in the sky.

Then I repeated the process with

the foreground (or bottom half) of the image.

My PS skills are limited and my edits will not be

much more than today’s edit.






well known, respected, and admired for past achievements.

I’m not sure that Queen Victoria would have been

thought of as ‘illustrious’ during her reign.

However, she did manage to get

a memorial outside Buckingham Palace.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Illustrious