We often hear of time machines which

are designed to transport us back

or forward in time. 

These machines only exist in our minds,

novels and movies such as the

Back to the Future series.

Yet all round are…

…time measuring machines

Big ones on Bell Towers…

…much smaller versions to hag on a kitchen wall…

…and finally, Melbourne’s famous landmark

The Flinders Street Station clocks.

Let’s meet under the clocks

was an oft used phrase of

Melbournians and visitors alike.

A few decades ago the analogue clock faces

were going to be replaced by their digital cousins.

This caused much discontent in Melbourne

that a compromise was reached.

These analog faces are now digitally powered.








having the pleasant taste characteristic of
sugar or honey; not salt, sour, or bitter.

Place des Héros,



When I captured these images…



…my mouth watered.

Three years on and my sweet tooth

is activated just the same.






While in Arras (France) in 2017…

…I happened across its Saturday market.

I’m not sure if all products for sale could be

declared as farmers produce…

…so therefore not certain…


…if it was a Farmer’s Market.


However, it is…


the only market which I have photos of and… 


  …therefore, the only market which

 comes close to fitting this challenge.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Farmers-Markets



Outdoor settings for tourists…


and locals alike, in Arras, France.

Antique Tasmanian Blackwood

eight seat dining setting.

Restored value around $8,000

As is value $1,000.

Unfortunately no-one wanted it.


Picnic tables.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Tables-n-Chairs





Clock face.


In Slazburg spanning the Salzach River

in a sea of padlocks… 

…is Austria’s most modern pedestrian bridge,

the Makartsteg.

Sun screen/block




St Paul de Vence,




The Noordam docked at Skagway Alaska.



Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Ending-in-OCK





Lights around

Het Zand Square…

…in Brugges.


Het Zand Square Fountain…


Brugge, Belgium.

Arras Bell Tower, France.



Arras, Bell Tower

Place des Héros, and Arras Bell Tower

at approximately 10 PM.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Light-the-Night






I have a very sweet tooth…

…so whenever I hear or see the word sweet

my mind imagines something like this.

Trouble is since having my knee

replaced in late October,

I have managed to shed 6-8 kilograms

(about 13-17 pounds) and I wish

to remain that way.

So now I just dream of the

sweeter life…and hope

for a longer one.





Finally, the Moorabool Valley in its foggy glory