Herring bone parking… 

at the bottom of Vancouver’s

Grouse Mountain Gondola ride.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Parking




My first photo is of Mount Elephant….

a volcanic cone,

one of the many in Western Victoria.

I have never been to the top of Mt Elephant

but driven past it hundreds of times in my life.

From the top of Mt Rigi

overlooking Lake Lucerne.

from Grouse Mountain,

Vancouver, Canada.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Top-of-the-Hill







Workers from all over…

A gondolier.

My limited knowledge of lumberjacks’ work

tells me that they actually did climb trees

as part of every day work.

Memory could be way off though.

Happy to be corrected.

Beefeater Guide Tour

Amid that crowd is a Beefeater at work

guiding visitors around

the Tower of London.


While in Europe each guide carried a flag of some kind. 

Trouble was there was so much to see

and dawdle over, the coloured flag

was often forgotten (by me). 

All guides were very knowledgeable but

sometimes it was just nice to walk and look

without the constant commentary.

Our favourite African guide,

planning the next day. 

Or was he offering up thanks for

a successful day just ended?





Our spokesperson, Ken…

expressing, on our behalf, our gratitude to Kaczy

for the wonderful person she was/is during

the Alaskan leg of our travels.


A week or so earlier Ken had acted in a similar capacity

when we bade Bob farewell in Vancouver.


And each time we are able to rise before the sun

to capture images such as this,

no matter what aches and pains there maybe,

or how cold the morning,

we should off up a prayer of gratitude

simply because we are able.


Pic and Word Challenge: Gratitude




Black and White Challenge.


Commencing in Rome…

I think…

with statues….their names…

or history…unknown.

These, however, are wood carvings…

on top of Vancouver’s,

Grouse Mountain.


Cees-BW-Photo-Challenge: Sculptures-Statues-Carvings





Scenes, mostly from Vienna

The last thing we saw before turning off the lights at night.

We wondered if it was the honeymoon suite.

Salzburg tourists.

Tourists or locals?

Whichever, they were enjoying an afternoon

on this Salzburg balcony.

While at dinner in Vienna I received a tap on my shoulder and

suddenly I was dancing in a very narrow aisle between tables.

 It did take a little while to realise we were speaking different languages.

MGW thought this scene worth capturing.


For my efforts I was presented with

this certificate from the ‘Academy’.

is there a waltzing academy in Vienna?

I’m not sure if this couple was being professionally photographed,

however I liked the scene.