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Black and White Challenge.


Good sheep and cattle dogs are the most valuable

asset those farmers can own.

Say hello to Ginger.

My Black and Tan Kelpie.

Ginger made the transition from farm dog

to town dog and passed away in 2015.

Ginger’s father Brandy was my right hand for 13 years

Brandy and Ginger were with me

for a combined total of 27 years.


An eastern view of my woolshed paddock and beyond.

Big squares, as they are known, bales of hay.

Dad’s hay shed.

I spent many hours stacking hay in that shed


Dad’s woolshed was built in the 1950s

with the skillion being added during the 1990s.

There were quite a few vehicles like this

Bullock dray on Dad’s farm, from a bygone era.

He often told stories of bullock drays

and their use on the property

over the road.

The woolshed and machinery shed on our farm.









An obelus is a term in typography that refers to a historical mark
which has resolved to three modern meanings:
Division sign ÷ Dagger † Commercial minus sign ⁒
The word “obelus” comes from the Ancient Greek word
for a sharpened stick, spit, or pointed pillar. Wikipedia

While researching the meaning of obelus

I came upon the word ‘historical mark‘ and

immediately thought of these markers

in our local cemetery, which date

back to the 19th century

These markers mark the sites of graves

from the early days of the cemetery.

Certainly historical markers, if not

the historical marks referred to

by Wikpedia.







land covered with trees

Images from…

…the Otway…


Our first Blue Gum plantation.


First, because it was harvested about 6 years ago

and has since coppiced into a second rotation.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Woodlands






Black and White Challenge.


Plastic slide at children’s playground…


…and the plastic seat of a swing at the same playground.


Plastic bumper bars on cars.


I purchased this 2,000 gallon, plastic tank

before leaving the farm only to discover

that someone had been kind enough to empty

and steal it a couple of years ago.  😦









A few years ago I was interested in photographing cemeteries.

I never did get back to some of the places I wanted

to photograph and then 2020 came upon us.

Enough said.

Old cemeteries provide a wealth…

 …of photographic opportunities.


For all intents and purposes, this object appears

to be part of a fence and that is about all…

…until one looks at it from the snail’s point of view.

Although I tagged this as an urn,

today I think it is more like a vase for flowers.

It was discovered on the foot of a grave

in a country cemetery.



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New blends nicely with…


….old, along Port Fairy’s streets.

Situated on Victoria’s South West Coastline,

Port Fairy was one of the first settled

towns in Victoria.

Typical woolshed windows.

Louvred windows are easily replaced

and can let a breeze in on hot days






frighten or overawe (someone), especially
in order to make them do what one wants

Sharp little teeth couldn’t intimidate…

…nor could a Labrador’s bulk intimidate the sharp little teeth.

Six years down the track and the status quo remains.


Fan One-Word Challenge:…Intimidate





a financial gain, especially the difference
between the amount earned
and the amount spent in buying, operating,
or producing something.


When producing wool expenses are high

and returns are slim.

Take into account one’s own time,

that is pay yourself a wage and

profit is non-existent.


However, when growing trees

landholder expenses are almost non-existent

leaving the majority of returns in the

landholder’s pocket as profit.


Fandango’s One-Word Challenge:…Profit