close up

very near



Queen Mum Agapanthus and web


A monster from the deep…

…definitely from the deep,

if not a monster


Anemone at close range.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Close-Up









Brand new cricket ball



A late 50s early 60s Holden. 

This era saw much more shiny chrome work

than modern cars have.



This Holden Commodore is from the early 70s at a guess.   

Holden is/was the Australian arm of General Motors

and ceased manufacturing Australian designed

and built cars about 4-5 years ago



An old Chevrolet.




Another chev…perhaps.



Real shine on this 1956 Buick


My second car was also a Holden, LH Torana,

with a 2850 Motor similar to this one.


Morning sunshine…

…on Corio Bay.






tasting or smelling of fish

According to Google squid, which I think this is,

are not fish…

…however, it was caught in Bass Strait

and certainly smelled fishy.



Amanda                       Sandi







St Leonards Pier.


Wood grain


Soft hands

Anchor chain






House brick


Concrete statue.


Gum (Eucalyptus) Tree bark



Part of railroad lines


A Eucalypt leaf


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge:….Textures






Tropical (?) fish in an indoor pool.

Southern Right Whale at

Logan’s Beach Whale Nursery,

Warrnambool, Victoria,


A creature from the depths of the ocean?

Not Quite!


I think a squid caught off

St Leonard’s Pier,

Victoria’s Surf Coast.


FriendlyFriday:   Sea Creatures

Amanda                       Sandi