come or bring together for a common purpose or action.


Dear old Maggie and…

…Number 2 Son unite in roughhouse play.

The old and the new Labrador united in rest.

Age mellowed both Maggie and Sox.

They discovered that sharing was not

as bad as they thought.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Unite







First up a couple of…

…creepy crawly photos, which…


….through bokeh show a focussed subject…

…and a very blurry background.

A week or so back I did a late afternoon round of the garden

and captured these erlicheer jonquils.

Although fill light is lacking,

they are definitely the focal point.

Now to create some focus.

I was focussing on the auger when

I captured this scene recently.

And this is the result after attacking this image

with Photoshop for this challenge.




a competitor thought to have little chance
of winning a fight or contest.

The old saying says that…

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight,

rather the size of the fight in the dog

that counts.’


Word of the Day Challenge:  Underdog






When Father in Law moved to a

retirement village two years ago…

…I offered to sell all these types of knick-knacks

on Facebook for the family.

This small vase was one of my favourites.

Inside the lid was a piece of sticky tape holding

a piece of paper on which was written 1978.

Unfortunately it either ended up in an op shop,

with many bone china cup and saucer sets,

or was thrown directly into the rubbish.