I barely hesitated before typing ‘roses’…

…into my search box, this week.

Nature is the very best spot for capturing images

I have decided.


Nature does not argue with this photographer.


To the best of my knowledge…

…none of these images are growing

in our garden.


Our eldest son and his wife have had

around four moves in as many years.


Being able to stroll around a new neighbourhood,

camera in hand has proved beneficial

to my stock of photos.



8 thoughts on “Sunday-Stills23-0416-April-Pastels

  1. Glorious pastel roses, Don! The droplet on the one, the delicate textures, you captured these well and I’m sure you are happy to get more pics! That light pink one is stunning. I know the feeling after 3 weeks of new adventures. I’m not sure how many new photos I captured on this trip!


    • Thank you, Terri. I gree travelling is cause for photography. Towards the end of our first safari (2013) I heard a fellow traveller say that he had aound 800 photos for the trip. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I had averaged 800 per day. 😉

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