a statement of facts

On August 5th, 1914 this group of men fired

the first allied shot of World War I

At 1245 hours, they were ordered

to stop the German freighter the Pfalz

from leaving Port Phillip Bay.

This was only a few hours after War

had been declared in England.


On August 5th, 2014 a memorial service

was held at Point Nepean National Park

to commemorate the event which took

place there 100 hundred years earlier.

My grandfather was part of the gun crew 

that fired the first shot of World War I.

and all descendants were invited to attend.









Felix Francis

A nameless, unconscious man is presented by paramedics to the emergency department where Doctor Chris Rankin is the senior physician on duty. 

After a while, Rankin has to leave to treat another patient and the unconscious man is left in the care of another doctor.  However, while Rankin is treating patient two, the first man dies without regaining consciousness.  

Rankin is suspended from her duties pending the outcome of an inquiry into the nameless man’s death. 

Her state of mind is called into question as well.

Although it takes a while, as usual with Felix Francis’ books, the British Horse Racing industry is heavily involved with this mystery.  The industries involvement seems to kick start the story or perhaps it was me expecting horse racing to be involved and wondering why it wasn’t.

I rated Pulse as a solid three star story.


I rated


as a solid

three-star read.


At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded


an average of 3.66 stars

from 1,995 ratings

and 298 reviews.



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