Back in the late 70s and 80s I was busy taking

wedding photos. 

In the late 80s that ceased until I retired in 2015. 

With family encouragement, I decided to

a go for an occasional wedding again.

I soon learned that life had changed during

the previous two and a half decades. 

Now my favourite subjects are those

that cannot say ‘No!’ 


One of my favourite pandemic images.


Colourful sunrise.


Pre-Dawn Geelong


Griffin Gully Pier


Sunrise on Corio Bay


Corio Bay reflections.

Melbourne lights in the background.


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:…The-Road-Most-Often-Taken

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Anne:…The-Road-Most-Often-Taken

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy:…The-Road-Most-Often-Taken

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina:…The-Road-Most-Often-Taken

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Anne:…The-Road-Most-Often-Taken*

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Sofia:…The-Road-Most-Often-Taken

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge John:…The-Road-Most-Often-Taken

LensArtistPhotoChallenge Donna:…The-Road-Most-Often-Taken



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