one of a class of lustfuldrunken woodland gods.
In Greek art they were represented as a man with a horse’s ears and tail,
but in Roman representations as a man with
a goat’s ears, tail, legs, and horns.

The Roman version of a Satyr…I think










license plates


York Tourist train appears to be wearing

British License plates.

At the Meredith Vintage Car Show…


…many cars were registered as vintage or veteran cars

with Car Club plates.

Simple license plates on Victorian Trains, however.

SIMS-55 is possibly a personalised plate.

Up until a few years ago Victorian number/license plates

consisted of three letters and three numbers. 

In this case, HGK 499 and issued before 1965 

This is a (General Motors, Australia) Holden Torana

of the late 60s early 70s. 

Recently, Vehicle registration plates have consisted

of 2 Numbers and 4 letters e.g. 1AB-2CD

If you want to outlay somewhere in the vicinity

of $300-$400 for personalised plates they

can distinguish your vehicle from the crowd.