a cause of obsessive fear,
anxiety, or irritation.

My bugbear comes from 2016

For our European trip, I purchased a zoom lens

which gave me flexibility when it came to getting

that bit closer to a subject was required.

So you can imagine my frustration

when at each and every photo op., I began

to find a 12-inch iPad being waved around

between me and the subject.

To top it off, on the rare occasion that the photo

was captured on the iPad the couple involved

then had to stand and discuss the merits

of their shot, while still blocking

a view of the subject.

Now, whenever I see a crowd shot at

a concert and all that can be seen is

mobile/cell phones blocking a view

of the stage…

Yes, and at Christmas,

Bah Humbug!

is my favourite expression also  🙂

Apologies to all responsible users of

mobile camera devices.










Down Under places to visit in

Sydney and Melbourne.


It has been around 50 years since my first

and only visit to the Opera House.

  Such a memorable visit and if

you do visit the Sydney Opera House…


…you will get a good view of the Harbour Bridge.

When you visit Melbourne the

Victorian National Art Gallery

is situated on Skilda Road,

a short walk from the

Flinders Street Station.   

It is located under the white spire. 

A ten-minute tram ride out to

Saint Kilda Pier is well worth it for

some very nice city skyline views.

If shopping in Bourke Street (CBD)…


…why not visit the

Royal Arcade…

…and see Gog and Magog

ring out the hour.


The Rod Laver Arena, home to the

Australian Tennis Open,

in January, is literally across

the road from…

…the Melbourne Cricket Ground

where the 1956 Olympics

and the 2006 Commonwealth Games were held.

Regular tours of the MCG and the Sports Museum

are available if you are that way inclined.






Alone with my reflection.


…with around…

…fifty seagulls for company.

A lone fisherman


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