feed  birds

hand feeding birds


While it is not technically illegal to feed native birds

in Australia, and you are unlikely to be issued

with a hefty fine, wildlife experts strongly

discourage bird feeding.

However, who could resist feeding

this Magpie family?


Especially if they come right up to

the backdoor…

What’s this? says baby Pie

Watch me,

says Mother Pie…

…before making a snatch and grab

at the piece of bread nearest

the door…

…then scurrying out of sight,

leaving her youngster in her wake…

…only slowing down to eat her ill-gotten gains

when at a safe distance from the door…

…apparently not noticing the nearby

bread guardian…

Taji makes a dash for the bread and in so doing

hunts away our feathered friends to

the cheers of all wildlife experts.




2 thoughts on “Sunday-Stills23-0226-Feed-the-Birds

  1. What a fun post, Don, with such great shots! We used to have a huge flock of magpies in northern California. They’ll do anything for food! The pingbacks are working again, you dodged a bullet there by not adding it to the comments, LOL! Talk about linking under the wire!


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