having the pleasant taste characteristic of sugar or honey;
not salt, sour, or bitter.


I have a sweet tooth and love my fill of sugar

in tea and coffee…or used to.

Then one morning a few years ago I stopped,

on my way to the coast,

at what was a rather large coffee shop.

As is often the case the sugar was on the table

in a jar with a screw-on lid.

All good…until I opened said lid to extract some sugar.

Near the top of the jar was what I can only describe as

a large lump of snot, or spit, mixed in with the sugar.

That was my first coffee sans sugar morning!

Upon pointing out the contaminant to the waitress she

shrugged her shoulders and brought back

the same jar minus contaminant.

No apology.


Now I don’t care how clean the restaurant appears

if sugar is not presented in

sealed paper containers, like those in

the accompanying image,

I now go without…




6 thoughts on “Sunday-Stills23-0212-Sweet

    • Was this your jetpack commenn Terri?

      You posted it around two houurs prior to to you comment aboout jetpack.

      Anyway both comments made it to me! 😉

      11 hours: What a horrific experience Don! I do need sweetness in my coffee, bit I choose flavored creamers. If eating out, I choose a prepackaged creamer.

      9 hours: Hi Don. I commented through the new Jetpack, but it doesn’t show.


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