a screen, plate, or layer of a substance which
 absorbs light or other radiation or selectively
absorbs some of its components.

Camera Lens Filter







Book Review-Missing-Girl-at-Frozen-Falls

Missing Girl at Frozen Falls


Leslie Wolfe

(Kay Sharp #5)


Missing Girl at Frozen Falls is Leslie Wolfe’s fifth book featuring Detective Kay Sharp and her partner Eliot Young. Together they have just commenced work on a missing person case.  A pretty young girl has been reported missing when Kay receives word that someone wants to surrender to her and her alone.

Intrigued she returns to Mount Chester police station only to discover it is her ex-husband.  ‘Ex’, because he is a cheating piece of goods and a cop with the San Francisco Police Department, who has been charged with the murder of his wife Rachel who was Kay’s best friend until they began an affair while Kay and Brian were still married.

Kay takes Brian back to San Francisco to get justice for Rachel, where he will face his colleagues who have charged him with murder on seemingly scant evidence.

During her time in San Francisco Kay decides to visit Rachel’s mother where Brian and Rachel’s daughter is staying, only to discover that eight-year-old Holly is missing!

All the while Kay is in San Francisco, Eliot is working on their Mount Chester missing person case and unknowingly discovers a connection between the two.

Missing Girl At Frozen Falls is probably the most complex and personal case of Sharp’s career to date.

Missing Girl At Frozen Falls is another of Wolfe’s enjoyable page-turners.

I have rated

Missing Girl At Frozen Falls

as a solid four star read.


At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded


Missing Girl At Frozen Falls

an average of 4.60 stars

from 1,124 ratings and 91 reviews.


Missing Girl At Frozen Falls

 can be purchased online at

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A way to immerse one’s self in Monet’s work.

Images were projected onto the walls.


All photos caaptured with my Oppo Reno 10 x Zoom.







having the pleasant taste characteristic of sugar or honey;
not salt, sour, or bitter.


I have a sweet tooth and love my fill of sugar

in tea and coffee…or used to.

Then one morning a few years ago I stopped,

on my way to the coast,

at what was a rather large coffee shop.

As is often the case the sugar was on the table

in a jar with a screw-on lid.

All good…until I opened said lid to extract some sugar.

Near the top of the jar was what I can only describe as

a large lump of snot, or spit, mixed in with the sugar.

That was my first coffee sans sugar morning!

Upon pointing out the contaminant to the waitress she

shrugged her shoulders and brought back

the same jar minus contaminant.

No apology.


Now I don’t care how clean the restaurant appears

if sugar is not presented in

sealed paper containers, like those in

the accompanying image,

I now go without…