Old Sydney


Old Doors

Venice door along the

Grand Canal

(I think)


I had heard that Venice is sinking,

however, I did not know the canals were tidal. 

Note the tidal marks on the walls and

then note the floor level at the door

behind the gondolier. 

Some doors were rotting along the bottom

which created an interesting and unexpected odour

to help remember our gondola ride .


One Word Sunday Challenge:…Door









(of a person) incline the body downwards
from the vertical.

As soon as I saw this week’s theme

I immediately thought of this busker…

…and her flexibility bending herself in half

to fit through the hoop…

…I know I would have no chance of doing this now,

and to be honest it is unlikely that I could ever

have simply slipped it over my head

and had it fall to my feet.