(Image Source: Google maps)

Our travel plans for 2023, should take

us to the Scandinavian Region of our world.

However our travel plans for 20, 21 and 22

should have seen us in Africa.

COVID made certain that those plans

never eventuated, and I am not that certain

the above plans will eventuate either.

Although it is looking more promising

than previous years.











almost white in colour

Three of my images are close to white,

whereas the balance is whitish,

in my opinion.

As close to white as I could find.

Creamy white

White Daisies

Nature’s white blossom



Australian White Ibis


Must confess to being surprised at how white

the Dover Cliffs were when I first sighted them…

… and disappointed that the polar bear is 

not as white as I was led to believe.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Whitish