Black and White Challenge.




A curious

Poll Dorset Ram

Hereford calf


Smudge cat

Although I always associate Kelpies and farms, 

Candi is definitely of the domesticated kind. 

She would be lost on a farm.


Smudge and Taji


Bees…farmed for their honey production.


Hereford cattle


Another horse.






-for more than one – benches, couches,




It took a while before I realised what

was special about 2022, for us.


Early in 2022, we gathered to celebrate

the first birthday of our, then,

only granddaughter and grandchild.


By Mother’s Day, she was big enough

to drink her own bubaccino.


By mid-year, she was no longer

our only grandchild… 

…and she welcomed her sister into the fold.

The girls have yet to grasp the concept of cousin,

however, we were thrilled when

our grandson arrived

a couple of months later.