Book Review-The-Player-Next-Door

The Player Next Door


K. A. Tucker


I first read The Player Next Door in 2020, however, for some unknown reason I did not review it.  In a nutshell, The Player Next Door is about Scarlet returning to her hometown only to discover that her high school heart-throb is now her next-door neighbour.


Scarlet Reed returns to Polson Falls, her hometown where, thanks to her mother’s sexual proclivities, she was known as the harlot’s daughter during her youth.   She has secured a teaching position at the local school and purchased a fixer-upper to call home.  Life looks good until she meets her next-door neighbour, Shane Beckett, the high school star quarterback who broke her heart over a decade ago.

Scarlet makes it abundantly clear that she has not forgotten the pain caused by their teenage breakup.

Shane claims to be a better person now than he was then. Neighbours they may be, but Scarlet wants nothing more than to be Shane’s neighbour.  Scarlett vows not to fall for Shane again.  However, as she gets to know this version of Shane, she begins to fear that she’s wrong.  Perhaps Shane has changed:  maybe she should give him a chance.  As she allows herself to think these thoughts, Scarlet comes to the conclusion that she should give Shane a second chance; after all, they were good in high school and the only thing he did wrong was to dump her unexpectedly.   Perhaps Scarlet is the one playing herself out of a chance at true happiness. And ever so slowly Scarlett and Shane’s friendship grows into something more than a platonic relationship.

This is my second read of The Player Next Door and I have enjoyed it as much as the first time.

I rated

The Player Next Door

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Three Star


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The Player Next Door

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