a person employed to look after the passengers
on a ship, aircraft, or train.


During our Vancouver – Alaska Cruise,

each night we came back to our cabin

to find a towel…


…had been left as an animal

by our cabin stewards.





Black and White Challenge.


The front, and the…


…and the rear of Canada’s

Rocky Mountaineer Train



Long Hair.





-for more than one – benches, couches,





the feel, appearance, or consistency
of a surface or substance.


Small(ish) boat anchor chain.

Eucalyptus tree trunk

The result of 15 years in the elements with

not as much protection as we thought.


Similarly weathered fence palings dressed on one side,

oiled and varnished to a smooth texture.

Three or four plants all with different textures.

A cactus of sorts.

Smooth front and back with prickly sides

Bricks and wood

The wool on sheep at this stage,

a week or so since being shorn,

has a comparatively hard feel,

or texture, to it.


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