the action of interfering or the process
of being interfered with.

I simply don’t know how Taji tolerates Candi…


…wherever and whatever Taji is doing…

…I just know Candi will be hanging on to Taji’s ear

and still, Taji tolerates the interference.






(of a person) without a home,
and therefore typically living
on the streets.





Just before Christmas 2018, we acquired our

current feline member of the household

from a rescue shelter.

Yes, he was homeless and had been

that way since April 2018.

However, he and Taji seem to get along with each other.


He is still timid and we rarely see

we see him this close to the house.

He is far more at home in his enclosure.

Candi thought she was the boss until a few years ago.

However, I think this image tells the real story.

Smudge rules the backyard from

his own corner of the world.