a flowerless plant which has feathery or leafy fronds
and reproduces by spores released from the undersides of the fronds.
Ferns have a vascular system for the transport
of water and nutrients.

Ferns in the I just had to pause my early morning drive;

and pull over, to capture this image.











the action of staying where one is or delaying action
until a particular time or event.

Two young pups waiting…


…or the boss to have her fill.

It didn’t matter what was on my truck,

I knew Brandy would also find room

to sit and wait for me…


… to have lunch or a cup of coffee.

He was faithful, and always waiting for me.







Orderly parking of bicycles in

Brugge, Belgium.

Over the border in Lille, France not as many bicycles

but more than Melbourne.


A Melbourne mode of transport.

Two forms of cycle transport during the latter stages of the

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Classic…

…as cyclists return to Geelong.